7 Smart Tips for Beginners to Promote Book on a Tight Budget in 2020

7 Smart Tips for Beginners to Promote Book on a Tight Budget in 2020

Have you been too busy and have not been contemplating on how to promote your book on a shoe-string budget? There is no denying the fact that many beginner writers have a tight budget and promotion, at the same time, is very vital to climbing the ladder of success. It is undeniable that readers can’t flock to you if they don’t know you exist. 

Fret not! Here are a few suggestions for beginners on how to promote their book even if they don’t have funds. In case your book has not hit the bookshelves in bookstores and libraries; here are some sure-shot ways to see them through. Let’s get started! 

1. Start your guest blog posts

The best way to start and push across your ideas is to start blogging.
Guest posts make a very good beginning provided they are pursued on a website that allows attention to reach your work promoting it through appropriate keywords. Keywords connect readers to your page where you promote your work, product, or website. 

In the case of setting a memoir story to life, the aim should be readers, who have had similar experiences and dilemmas. Follow the guidelines for guest posts accordingly, to see your work through.

Remember, the quickest way to connect here is to share experiences that you went through, readers amplify connecting like this.
It is in the Author-Bio that you find space for marketing and connecting to the product you want to promote, ensure clarity in content.

2. Create a blog or organize podcast interviews

Such is the impact of bloggers on today’s date, they have surpassed media coverage for small and big events marking a launch of a brand and even otherwise. 

If you are in need of a similar impact, this is the shortest and quickest way to do so. Bloggers, and most podcasters, are actively looking for authors to interview. Search for your genre of content producers to reach their websites and bingo, you are half-way through. 

Pitching yourself is always important; you need to convey how you can make an attempt for a good interview to sell the product that you intend to put forth. Believe me, it helps!

3. Create your own Podcast/Podiobooks

Anything free is most acceptable, and the Podcast market is thriving hugely as it is free content available for individuals. 

Did you know there are Podcasts for every occasion and every conceivable head that you can think of? They are for songs, political updates, bedtime stories, including an introduction and a focused hour for reading out stories in any form, narrative, and even otherwise.

Tips for Beginners to Promote Book

The content available on one platform is a Podiobook, which at the beginning of the end tells its listeners where to find content and all this for under $15 or so a month.

4. Turn to YouTube channel

And if you plan to link your work here, on the YouTube channel, the probability is, like a podcast or rather more, you are likely to be paid for your popularity.

Creating a YouTube channel that connects for following activities like presenting a video show, reading samples of the product that needs promotion, interview authors, or anything that you fancy can find the place as long as it generates viewers and ropes in other brands to advertise on your platform. 

At the end of every program, there can be a connecting note to your work and provide a link to where people can find you online.

5. Word of mouth on local bookstores

The best and the ideal way of setting sales is a recommendation from a friend, as word of mouth, to another in schools, bookstores, libraries, and anywhere where the book can be used for promotion and generate buyers for it.

Even online assignment help can be sought here on websites promoting books other than libraries, book stores or some other mode. All this can be facilitated if a share of the proceeds is shared by those helping you promote sales always. 

6. Using Facebook Posts also facilitates

Writing a post on Facebook as if it were an advertisement for your book and promoting it with a paid post, depending on your budget and how many times it has been used. This can also help speed up the process of sales promotion at a smaller budget.

Using the author page is most recommended. Ensure that the write-up you add here is promoted with a good infographic, the in thing for promotion, using Canva.  

7. The ever so important personal emails

The best and the oldest tried and tested way is to use emails and mailers for personal promotion. Try addressing the individual by their first name, believe me, it works beautifully!

Write an exclusive story here, connect with the story in your book and a mailing list, start one, and make an offer of something more once they sign in. And watch the magic grow in numbers for promoting buyers for your work. Services like the mail chimp are also available for the same. 


These are but a few options to promote sales. One of the tried and tested ways of social-marketing is doing the rounds successfully.

However, the best would be to be as creative in your marketing as compiling your work in a book even if it’s your first time. Using the non-intruding community-building ways can also be used to make an introduction of the book in your hand, the choice remains completely yours!  

After all, you have finally arrived at your first step to being committed to writing a novel. I am sure the other multi-steps to “author Dom” will be as easily accomplished if you are good enough to hold yourself accountable for it choosing the easiest ways within the budget. Good luck trying!

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