6 Clear Signs that indicate you need an Electric Panel Upgrade

6 Clear Signs that indicate you need an Electric Panel Upgrade

Before you get into the details of signs, you first need to be aware of the basics that electric panels first provide electricity and then safety. These two are the primary functions that it offers. They don’t last forever and when you get in trouble because of them – especially with a power outage, we then begin to think that how and when that electric panel started to get damaged.

However, that is the mistake we all need to take care of. There are certain signs that electric panels start to show when things are not going right inside them. It then becomes your job to identify them replace the electric panel as soon as you can.

Now that you are here to know about those signs, let’s get into the important details.

1- Rust

If you happen to have rust inside your panel, this is a clear-cut indication that moisture has started to enter the electric panel and thus any little contact of water with electricity can be fatal.

The causes of rust to appear inside the electric panel can be many including chipped paint, higher humidity levels, or water leaks. Whatever the case is, the presence of any amount of water can stop the panel to work properly or in worst-case scenarios destroy the electric system of the house.

2- Constant Tripping Of Circuit Breakers

While a lot of experts would also recommend you to only replace the circuit breaker in case if it is tripping a lot, but the truth of the matter is that even the new ones start to trip after a short while, there is something wrong with the electric panel. There are chances that the electrical circuit may be overloaded or there might be a big electrical fault that needs to be fixed immediately.

3- Underpowered Electrical Panels

Do you know that electrical panels have a power rating? The rating comes in direct relation with the size of the electrical panel and how many breakers can the panel accommodate. A little long ago, residential properties used to have 100 amps of power but now with an increase in demand and advancement of technology inside the house, you might need 200 amps.

SO, if you are living in an old home, chances are that the breaker is old and is underpowered which then raises the need for an electrical panel upgrade.

4- Bad Wiring

Old wiring can create a lot of issues with natural wear and tear or when exposed to dangerous materials. On the other hand, bad wiring is also can also cause a situation where replacing the electric panel stands as the only option.

A common example of this can be multiple wiring connections made outside an electrical junction box with a cover plate – which is very common for old homes.

5- Flickering Lights

Another sign that clearly indicates that its time for an electrical panel upgrade is the flickering of lights. This usually happens because of the reasons discussed above; bad wiring or underpowered wiring. In either case, you first have to find out the reason.

6- Using A Lot of Power Strips

One of the little indications that go unnoticed by a lot of homeowners is the excessive usage of power strips.

The electrical outlets of our home are designed to be connected with a number of electrical circuits which usually have 15 or 20 amps for a standard 120-volt circuit. This then also makes the unit limited by the amperage of the specific circuits.

So eventually if you decide to add one of the long power strips to an outlet only to connect an oven, refrigerator, personal computer, and a vacuum cleaner the breaker is automatically going to trip which is already associated with this electrical circuit.

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