How to Deal with Boiler Failure – Opt for Boiler Installation in Staten Island and Manhattan

How to Deal with Boiler Failure – Opt for Boiler Installation in Staten Island and Manhattan

Boiler breakdowns in winter can be a real headache for homeowners. Since this is the busiest time of the year for boiler servicing and repair companies, expecting on-time service will be too much. The best time for boiler servicing or new boiler installation is summer.

The boiler experts are also more comfortable in repair and installation in summer instead of waiting for it to break in winter. When it comes to new boiler installation in Staten Island, summer is the ideal time for everyone. Getting an expert engineer during the winter will be challenging due to their busy schedule.

Handling electrical circuits is always a risky job – so is dealing with water and interfering with gas. Notwithstanding, there are a few things one can safely check before calling the plumber. They may fix the problem or make it easier to describe the fault, which helps the plumber come with the right spare parts.

New boiler installation in Staten Island and Manhattan

Pilot Light:

As long as the pilot flame is lit, there’s as such no serious issue. In case you notice something like that, be sure to restart it. Watch it closely afterward. Sometimes, pilots go out for a reason – a yellow flame means it needs an urgent cleaning service. Leaving the issue unfixed can leave people at risk.


Check out if the thermostats and timers turned on. Some operate on batteries, so supplant them. Be sure to adjust their heat settings to figure out what the problems are.

Air Blockages:

The air in the pipes and radiators can prevent the circulation of hot water. To fix this problem, a radiator spanner is required to loosen its top nuts until any air has escaped.

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Low Boiler Pressure:

Combi boilers tend to stop because of a low-pressure issue. It would be best to check the manual for the optimum pressure before gauging. Usually, most of these boilers need between 1 and 1.5 bar. You can easily adjust the pressure by turning a valve. You can also top up the system with a filling loop.

Condensate Pipes:

Condensing boilers are installed with a pipe through the wall which expels water vapor. In winter, the water turns into ice and blocks the pipe, which causes the boiler to stop functioning. Gradually, warming your external pipes can remove the blockage and restore the boiler to optimum performance.

Diverter Valves:

Be it Combi or system boiler – both feature a diverter valve which helps switch between central heating and hot water. Sometimes, it sticks in one position or the other. Consequentially, you end up losing one or the other. A qualified plumber or boiler repair expert will be able to figure out the problems.


Airlocks or corrosion in the pipe-work or the heat exchanger can cause strange noise. It could also point to a breakdown, sludge, or lime-scale. The plumber is required to flush the system. The problem may also arise from the faulty thermistors and stuck pumps.

A New Boiler Installation:

If the existing boiler is beyond repair, a new boiler installation in Manhattan is the best option. Regular service allows you to monitor the health of the system and budget for the day to replace it.

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