The Top Five Call Center Services Trends To Look Out For in 2020

The Top Five Call Center Services Trends To Look Out For in 2020

Every year, businesses around the world receive billions of requests from us. Tracking information, bank queries, purchase refunds, service requests; all our interrogations require the employment of lakhs of agents who tend to our needs. However, this traditional model of telephonic assistance offered by the call centers is getting revolutionized by digital transformation and artificial intelligence. With chatbots taking over the human demeanor of interacting with the customers at any time of the day, NLP aiding in real-time speech recognition and intent analysis of conversation management; newer technology and resources are steadily growing its impactful roots in the call center industry of India.

What Services do Customers Look Out For

Furthermore, there is an equivocal transmutation happening in the customer pool as well, in terms of, buying trends, expectations, and mindset. Customers belonging to the Digitally groomed Era need persistent efforts and personalized customer experience from brands, to trust their products and services and stay connected with them. For brands, which fail to provide such devotion and consideration to customers, they tend to lose them at a rapid pace. This, therefore, is the foremost reason why businesses around the world consider customer service experience to be of topmost priority and strategize their time and resources in delivering optimal and satisfactory solutions for the same.

According to a market study, 73% of customers lookout for three things in a brand- immediate response, omnichannel customer engagement, and reliable customer services. Moreover, customers know what excellent customer service looks like and expect brands to deliver just that to them. For businesses to engage better with their customers, they need to gain an edge over their competitors and stay versed with the recent transformations taking place in call center services.

The Top Call Center Trends to Watch Out For In 2020

As for most of the businesses, investing in call centers contemplates t an additional excel of costs. However, with the changing times, call centers in India have reiterated their traditional image and turned into being strong revenue channels. With effective call center tools and technologies, businesses can now feel empowered and reenergized to serve their customers in a better way. The following are the top trends that you need to watch out for and implement immediately in the coming year.

Indulge in The Supremacy of Omnichannel Communication:

For business who are still unaware of the immense potential of omnichannel communication need to buckle up their knowledge and services. This is one strategy, that differentiates customer-centric brands from reactive competitors. Nowadays, most consumers own more than one smart device, letting them break free from the confinements of staying connected with brands only through one channel. Going for omnichannel communications, lets brands connect with the target customers everywhere, be it, the social media channels, SMS, live chat, calls, messages, etc. This makes it easy for agents to know the history of the consumer in a short window time. With omnichannel communication, agents can now engage in a seamless and consistence conversation with the customers across all devices and channels.

Using the Novelty of AI in Customer Interaction: 

As for 2020, it is going to be regarded as an era of the ‘ The AI Usher’, hence playing a substantial role in improving the operational efficiency of call centers all around the globe. AI is said to lead the futuristic storm of customer engagement and the effective services in the call centers in India. With AI-derived call center analytics, businesses will be able to predict the behavior of the customers and aid them in getting valuable insights, to enhance their customer interaction experience.

2020 is going to witness increasing trials with intelligent IVR. Intelligent IVR interprets accents and tones with better accuracy than the traditional software. Therefore, customers who are reluctant to wait in the queue will show a proclivity towards the AI-powered systems.

Although chatbots have been a crucial component of the call center industry in 2019, they will be trained further to incorporate more data systems and emotional intelligence.

AI-based agents will also be seen making a screening in the coming year. Artificial agents are the next big thing in the call center market. Rather than talking with a human agent, customers will be seen interacting with agents powered by the AI stimulus.

Cell Center Automation with Self-Service Tools:

Call centers in India will be seen catering to the implementation of self-service materials to provide customers with 24/7 support. Such tools will consist of video tutorials, FAQ pages, virtual agents, infographics, etc. The main aim of the self-service resource library will be to provide faster and efficient solutions to the customers and to tend to the needs of customers at the same time. This will, in turn, result in increasing site traffic, decreasing phone calls, and significantly reduce customer service costs. Such Dynamic Decision Trees (DDTs) will serve as powerful tools to remit appreciable customer experience and resolve complex issues as well.

Replacing Skills with Call Center Analytics:

There was a time when call center services and dynamics were predicted by the supervisor skills, however, it’s time that the old pattern is buried underneath for all good reasons. Instead of focussing on manual observation and monitoring, data analytics is what will lead the battalion of growth and technological advancement of a company. Analytics will help in assessing the agents’ performance to predict the genre of customers that can be serviced by them. The future execution of real-time data analytics will result in improving customer conversation, proliferate business metrics, gauge customer satisfaction meters, and educate businesses about customer expectations.

Further Inclination Towards Recall Technology: 

To err is human, and call center agents are no exception to this. Mistakes are a part of being human, it makes us who we are. But when it comes to the reputation and market name of a company, there is no room for errors and inaccuracies. Recall technology helps agents by ensuring that no erroneous message and miscalculated information is forwarded to the consumers. This ensures that authentic and precise information is delivered in every conversation, hence, providing optimal customer satisfaction. Many call centers in India, have accepted the norms of recall technology to advance its innovation and tune into the progress of the brand.

Final Words

2020 is going to witness a lot of revolution and reformations in the call center services around the country. The approach is to indulge in data-driven and predictive services and to let new technological advancements easily adjust in the call center ecosystems. As for AI, it is going to have a humongous impact on the call center dynamics and will be the prime source of innovations and development of the industry. The key rulers of AI in the call center market will be voice bots, chatbots, and intelligence IVRs. This will not only help in better customer engagement but will lead to giant strides in the overall output, triggered by the combined efforts of AI and call center agents.

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