How to Get Italy Golden Visa

How to Get Italy Golden Visa

Italy is not just about delicious food and wine. Italians are open and friendly people, ready to share their culture and traditions with newcomers. However, vacationing and living in this republic are two different things, and many foreigners are willing to invest their own capital to settle down in a sunny spot in the center of Europe and spend the rest of their lives there. Territorially, the region is located in a zone of subtropical and Mediterranean climate, which means warm summer days and mild winters. Its rich heritage allows it to enrich its culture, and its picturesque locations contribute to full relaxation and longevity.

In addition to these main pluses, there are indirect reasons to get the status in Italy residence by investment. This high level of education, health, and social protection. Well, let’s move on to how to make your plans come true, starting with obtaining an Italy golden visa.

Understanding the Italy Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a special admission document for foreigners, issued on the basis of an investment in the Italian economy. It should not be confused with the mark on the passport, as it is a full-fledged residence permit. The card provides direct access to the Italy Real Estate investment guide and gives the right to own and manage any apartment, including apartments, houses, villas, etc.

Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa

To be eligible to use and get all the advantages, you need to pay about 250 thousand euros and submit documents that do not discriminate against you as a citizen of your homeland, that is, you should not have a criminal record and other trouble with the law.

The main advantages of the Italy Golden Visa:
● reduced waiting time: unlike most normal admissions, it is issued faster, which reduces the waiting time for the card;
● better living conditions and high spiritual development;
● high level of security: it is considered one of the safest countries in the world, which makes it attractive to cosmopolitans;
● strong economy and great business opportunities;
● well-developed infrastructure, economically affordable investment programs, and highly productive labor;
● tax residency after 183 days of residency;
● getting citizenship after 10 years of naturalization.
As the powerhouse is the heart of the European continent, it enjoys a convenient geographic location that facilitates travel throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Investment Options and Requirements

The period of validity of the card is two years, after which it can be extended for 3, and then make a request for a Permanent Residence. All of the following types of deposits must be made for a period of at least 5 years. So, you can invest in:
● real estate of at least 500,000 euros;
● investments in Italian companies, bonds, funds, and other financial instruments in an amount not less than 1 million euros;
● the creation or acquisition of an Italian company and the investment of at least €1 million, as well as the creation of jobs for Italians;
● to the education of Italian students for an amount not less than 1 million euro;
● purchase of government securities – at least 2 million euro.

According to Zlata Erlach (agency Immigrant Invest), in addition, there are additional opportunities for contributions to charitable projects, as well as the infrastructure of the state (at least 1 billion euros).

Application Process

The application is submitted personally by the applicant and his family or through the authorized bodies of the migration companies. The paperwork can be processed in as little as a month, and you will gain many rights at the legal level, including medical education, and travel to Schengen and Europe. From the center, it is easiest to implement.

It is necessary to apply for a certificate Nulla Osta at the embassy and provide contact information and copies of documents, as well as prove your financial solvency. If the certificate is received, you apply through the embassy in your country and wait for its approval.

Processing Time and Renewal

The time to obtain the certificate is 30 days. If you received a positive response, then apply for a golden visa, which is available almost instantly. Then, when you arrive at the residency within 8 days, submit a new application – for a residence permit and within six months, pay all fees and the principal amount of money. And here you are at the beginning of the path to a second passport and full citizenship.


Many people come every year as tourists and thousands stay to enjoy the great benefits and freedoms of living in the state. The rich culture, the mountain peaks and turquoise waters of the seas and lakes, the architectural complexes, and the stunning cuisine are just the beginning of the adventure. The sunny region holds great promise in terms of business development and guarantees a mild tax system for the internationalist. A quick review of eligibility and eligibility is another fact in favor of a state with a boot on the map.

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