What Does the Current UK Lock-Down Mean for Travel

What Does the Current UK Lock-Down Mean for Travel

The world has just entered the second wave of the coronavirus and this is more threatening to know that it will hit the world more hard this time. More than a million people died in the previous hit and it is the most saddening thing to know. As the second wave of the covid-19 has started, the worldly nations have lockdown their countries once again. Including the UK, there are a majority of the countries that banned international traveling too. But when the situation will come to normal? When the travel ban will be lifted and what are the restrictions to follow during this lockdown, this blog will cover all these concerns of the readers.

It is amazing to know that Saudi Arabia has not yet taken any decision about the second wave of coronavirus. Rather it allows international flights to land in the Saudi Kingdom and allow thousands of pilgrims to perform Umrah. The Muslims who have booked their Umrah packages for December are worried about the travel closure. But the bright aspect of it is that the Umrah is very well managed and there is no single covid case yet discovered in the land of Saudis. You might have questions in your mind being Britain about the travel ban and the conditions. Let’s discuss those questions.

Should You Cancel Your November or December Bookings?

If you had plans for November end, or December to have holidays out, should you cancel your bookings or keep with the plans? This is a major conern for the people living in the UK. The UK’s lockdown will be continued till December 1, as per the announcement of the government. You have to stick with it. Yes, you should not cancel your plans if they are after December 1. The November plans should be canceled because there is no chance to fly in November. Staying home and Staying Safe is the policy and orders to the people.

Is All the UK Closed?

Yes, all the UK is closed concerning the second wave of the coronavirus has just been started. The offices and schools are limited in their activities. The parks, shopping malls, cafes, bars, and restaurants are closed to the public. You can go to the groceries but with following all the necessary SOPs. But in the Uk people are mostly using the online grocery option. You can also take this option to make your safety sure.

Will You be Paid Back the Airbnb Rent?

You could have paid your Airbnb rent for your future holidays. Yes, you will be refunded according to the paper you the owner, and the customer has signed. If you are traveling in mid-December or have a booking for the New year, don’t go fast, wait for the time to come, and then find an opportunity to decide. Cancel your Airbnb bookings for November and claim your due money back in your account.

If You are Already out:

If you are already out, that is very okay. You can complete your holidays and can be back home anytime. You will neeed a corona test certificate from the hospital of the destination you are enjoying your holidays. If you are negative in results, you can go back to your home safely with no hassle and conditions. You can be in quarantine for some time but that is not so strictly followed.

Stages to Ease the Lock down will be observed:

It can be said the tier system. You can be able to travel in the UK or Fly from or to the UK observing these stages. The lockdown will be lifted step by step and gradually by checking the crucial threat of Coronavirus. This is for your safety.

What if one has to Travel in an Emergency?

The Government of the United Kingdom offers relaxation If you have to reach somewhere in an emergency. But it again depends on the flights available. The flights are banned and not in function in the United Kingdom. If is there any airline offering to fly from any of the airports in the UK, you can avail the opportunity and the government will allow you in that case.

SOPs During the Travel:

Even if you are traveling these days or in December, you need to follow the Corona SOPs strictly. Your packing list should have a bundle of masks, gloves, covid toolkit, medicine box having all the necessary medicines. The sensitized cannot be compromised to leave at home. You will be having your corona negative certificate to enter any airport in the world. So traveling in the age of corona is a lot different from the one in the past. You should not compromise the safety and ask the airlines for a seat at a distance from other passengers which definitely would be provided. Have a safe journey.

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