Get Your Brand Noticed Online with Best PPC Marketing Strategies

Get Your Brand Noticed Online with Best PPC Marketing Strategies

Keyword competition is getting rigid with time. Yet everyone wants to get their brand noticed online with limited investment. There are some online marketing strategies that provide you quick results. Paid marketing is the king of all marketing tactics that offers results with minimal efforts. However, Pay Per Click (PPC) isn’t a simple practice to get your desired results. You still need to learn about effective PPC marketing strategies to get your brand noticed online and start making money.

Interestingly, PPC provides you immense opportunities to brand your business. Check out these 9 effective PPC strategies that help you grow your online business visibility.

1. Follow Google’s Guidelines

Google has blessed the marketers with in-house Google Ads guidelines that are highly effective in starting your new Google Ads project and getting effective results. Yet, professionals skip going through the official Google Guidelines before running their first Ad Campaign and witness expected results. High ROI is the ultimate motto of running your Ads, and Google guidelines can help you get the same. So, following Google guidelines is a wise practice if you want to get a high conversion rate and low CPC.

Regardless of introducing Ads Blocker for Google Chrome, it has many learnings for PPC professionals to use their audience better and make a profit. The best way to tackle such a heck is by avoiding all video types that annoy the user. Most common annoying Ad formats include:

  • Pop-ups
  • Autoplay with sound
  • Prestitial ads with a countdown
  • Ad density higher than 30%
  • Flashing animated ads
  • Full-screen rollover ads on mobile
  • Large sticky ads

2. Regularly Add New Keywords to Your Ads

Do you pay attention to new keywords? This is one of the best PPC strategies to make your paid ads work better and stay at the top of search results. Many brands don’t pay attention to newly discovered keywords and hence lack the add-on traffic to deliver additional traffic/conversion/visibility to your business.

Hence, keep strict attention to the keywords based on your target audience and add them to your PPC Campaigns. Do regular research on trending keywords that your audience is using. 

The golden rule is following last month’s trend to find emerging keywords getting a hike in the previous month. However, you should wait for the keywords to become mainstream. It’s important to include new keywords before your competitors catch them.

3. Optimize Your Google Ads for Mobile

It’s next to impossible, avoiding mobile for paid or organic promotion. The user base of mobile is rapidly increasing, and hence it becomes a huge market to advertise and populate your brand. Today, the mobile market is gradually increasing the competition level for your competitors. So, it’s essential to stay ahead of your competitors and keep keen attention to mobile users. 

Interestingly, optimizing your Ads for mobile isn’t a challenging task. Being a mobile user, you can evaluate how effective your Ad will perform. Also, make your Ads mobile-friendly, supported with responsive landing pages.

4. Review Your Budget for Coming 2021

Numerous marketers across the globe run different Ad campaigns but forget handling their budget periodically. Proper budget allocation is always crucial to ensure good performing ads get enough amount for high ROI. Below listed are some tips that will help you manage your Paid Ads smartly.

Pause OR Optimize your Poor performing ads.

  • Check whether you have used the total planned budget for each campaign.
  • Check how other paid channels are performing. Relocate their budget if it isn’t working on other Paid Channels.
  • Research well to find the right Campaigns to boost your budget in the coming years.

5. Don’t Forget Using New Features in Google/Bing/Facebook Ads

Bing has migrated its UI to the next level to compete with Google Ads, and it has achieved a competitive level as well. With that, a few new features are also encapsulated in the Bing Ads. Similarly, Google too updates its features. In the recent past, Google Ads dropped the accelerated delivery option for Search and Shopping Campaigns.

However, you must remember that some features are under the beta-testing version. Those features can be added soon.

  • Affinity Audiences and In-market Audiences: Google added the affinity audiences and in-market audiences, supplementing the existing audience filter option.
  • Lead form Ad Extensions: Google now allows advertisers to collect leads directly from the paid ad. This is a competitive step against Facebook Lead Campaigns.
  • Google Ads Editor v1.4: This latest update includes support for recommendations and local campaigns.
  • Call Ads: You can now include an optional “Visit website” link with your call-only ads. As part of this update, we’re also simplifying the name of “call-only ads” to “call ads.
  • Create Audience Campaigns And Advertise On The Microsoft Audience Network: Now, All advertisers are now eligible to create audience campaigns and advertise on the Microsoft Audience Network.

6. Prepare for Voice Search

With time, the voice search is gaining popularity. Google OK, Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana have already captured an enormous traffic sector with voice search, and even google is amending its algorithm for voice search.

However, are your Paid Ads prepared for Voice-based search results?

Hence, it’s essential to pay your attention to voice searches and start working on voice search based keywords. Presently, voice search has a low impact on PPC, but it will evolve in the coming years. So, start working out your strategy for voice-based searches and eliminate negative & irrelevant searches.

7. Leverage Ultra-Specific Landing Pages

Can you omit to gain the enormous potential of ad-specific landing pages? Well, it’s next to impossible when you are spending a huge amount to drive traffic and convert it into trustworthy customers. Most digital marketers are already using the Ad-specific landing page. Many newbie guys are still relying on the homepage or generic landing pages without bothering how they respond.

Remember, landing pages boost your conversion rate.

Fact: Companies that have between 10 and 15 landing pages see a 55% increase in leads.

Furthermore, Google Ads reward high relevance and maintain a high-quality score that gives you high low CPC and increased ROI. In short, with a well-optimized landing page, you can leverage high conversion with low investment.

Check out how the ultra-specific landing page impacts your ads.

  • It increases the Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • It decreases Cost-Per Click (CPC)
  • It boosts your relevance rate; increasing Ad Quality Score.
  • It results in high Return on Investment (ROI)

What else do you want?

8. Play with Scripts

Automation is the key to high output with minimal efforts, and Scripts are one such tool that helps you do the same. Google Ads can be automated with the unmatched skills of Scripts. For repetitive tasks on Google/Bing Ads, numerous scripts help you re-do it without investing your time.

It’s time to integrate the script with your Ads campaign and experience the automated changes without indulging heavily in Google Ads.

Learning Scripts has become a necessity for PPC managers that helps to limit their time consumption in repetitive tasks. Instead, it gives time to research new strategies that help you get adequate results.

Remember, no degree is required to master Scripts. Instead, countless online sources help you learn using scripts and make your Google Ads management easy.

9. Launch a Remarketing Campaign

Your goal of targeting a new audience has almost been achieved, but what about serving an existing audience? Well, entertaining your existing audience is equally important. A remarketing campaign is all you need to amplify your sales and elevate your conversion rate.

Targeting your existing customers has high potential to get conversion and drive enormous traffic to your landing pages.

Fact: People targeted by remarketing campaigns are 70 percent more likely to purchase from your business than a competitor’s.

before you start running a remarketing ads campaign, do consider the below-listed points

  • Make Remarketing Campaigns for Known Customers
  • Take Advantage of Broad Keywords as these keywords are fantastic with remarketing
  • Offer Special Discounts to Shopping Cart Bouncers

10. Supplement Tip: Test New Paid Platforms

Paid Ads isn’t all about Google and Bing Ads. Today, the competition has elevated gradually, and hence more paid platforms are available to target your audience on different channels. It’s time to move out of your comfort zone and find other high ROI platforms that can deliver high ROI in 2021.

Here are a few other advertising platforms to consider:

  • LinkedIn: Most appropriate for professional and business targeting.
  • Pinterest: Products, services, consumer goods with a female-focused target.
  • Snapchat: Younger demographic (13 to 35), video ads, app installs, filters, lenses.
  • Twitter: Twitter has intellectual users, most appropriate for branding.

Over to You:

Google algorithmic tides have brought numerous changes to how PPC can work for your branding. Hence, it’s essential to learn new and effective strategies to work for your business and bestow traffic, brand awareness, and conversions. But remember, it’s crucial to ensure your strategies are working for your brand. An ineffective strategy will only ruin your investment and time. So, pay keen attention to every PPC marketing strategy and surf the digital marketing industry’s ongoing trends & changes.

Newbie brands are working hard to achieve high ROI with Paid Marketing but cannot cope with the trend. Don’t worry; you can hire a dedicated PPC Ads Agency  to get top-notch for proven results.

The more you learn, the more you grow!

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