The Best Phone Accessories for your Smartphones

The Best Phone Accessories for your Smartphones

In this era of technology, technology prevails over everything. We even cannot imagine life without technology and technological inventions in form of amenities for us. Remember about the old days. We had to travel a long distance comprising hundreds and thousands of miles in order to see someone or to convey some important message. Time, money, and energy were consumed at high rates. But now communication is as easy as a piece of cake. You just need to click a button and you are connected with your loved one.  This all is happening because of information technology which has blessed us with smartphones and Phone Accessories.

Phone Accessories

We have small tech packs in the form of mobile phones. You have the whole world in your hand. You can connect to anyone from any country from any part of the world. These small tech stations can work to their full potential if you pair them with appropriate or compatible accessories.  Here are some useful and compatible Phone Accessories for you to enjoy your smartphones with immense comfort and ease of use.

Mobile Charger

The mobile charger is one of the essential/inevitable Mobile Phone Accessories. it gives life to your dead mobile phone. It makes it entertain you by giving it the power to do so.  This charger contains 3 docks. You can recharge three devices simultaneously.

It provides an appropriate power of 10 watts to recharge your devices fast. It also provides protection and safety while charging and your phone will never get hot due to overcurrent or overpower issues.

  • 3 docks
  • 10 watts of Power
  • Fast charging
  • Perfect compatibility
  • Multiple devices charging facility
  • Easy Portability

Blue Steak Mobile Charger

If you want to use your smartphones for plenty of hours, you should go for the blue streak Mobile Charger. It will make you enjoy your smartphone to its full potential without worrying about the recharge.

You do not need to run back to your home from a party, friends’ company, or office to put your phone on charging. However, it is portable and easy to carry with you anywhere and everywhere you want to. It is easy to fit in your pant pocket or bag pocket.

There is a blue streak on it that makes it look elegant. It gives you

Connector Type 3 Pin

Docks: 1

Plug type: USB

Amperes: 2A

Power: 10 Watts

Connector: 3 pins

The blue streak gives a beautiful look to the charger. The latest 3 pin connecter makes it more useful and handier to use. You will love it if paired with compatible devices.

PD Charger

This type of charger is very popular and useful for use. It is made of very fine quality material with high-class durability and supports a USB-C to lightning charging cable which is only used for iPhone smartphones. It also provides perfect amperes to smartphones so that they can entertain you for a long time.

PD Charger

  • Protection against overvoltage
  • Protects against overheating
  • Recharge according to battery’s capability
  • It delivers 3 amperes of current
  • Provides 18 watts of power
  • Fast charging

It is a gift for users with its ultimate compact shape and fast charging facility. Carry it with you everywhere you go with easy and perfect portability. White color imparts an elegant and classy look that matches your personality.

It has a reversible USB Type-C connecter that eliminates the problem of multiple tries before plugging in. you can plug it with eyes closed because there is no right and wrong side to connect.

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