Everything from Cost to Features of Developing a Medicine Delivery App

Everything from Cost to Features of Developing a Medicine Delivery App

Whether you want to shop apparel or want to book an appointment with a doctor or want to file a complaint to your energy service provider, you do all that through an app. Every company develops an app customized to their business products and services. In fact, this has become a necessity for every business because it helps to create a brand.

Pharmaceutical apps are no exception. They have taken the world by storm. There are a couple of medicine delivery apps that can let you order those medicines that are not available on the shelves of the nearest drug stores. Buying medicines has become very easy with the help of these apps.

You just have to create your profile, look for medicine you want to buy, check the expiry date and delivery time, upload the prescription, choose the payment method, and then hit the order now button.

If you choose a card payment option, you will pay money before you place the order or if you choose cash as an option you will pay money at the time of delivery.

Now the question is if you are looking to develop a medicine delivery app, what features it must have, and how much it will cost you. This blog answers your questions very well.

Features that your medicine delivery app must have

The medicine delivery app is a one-stop solution to purchase medicines online. To make it successful, you must ensure that you provide all medicines including those that are not easily found at drug stores. Here are the features of the medicine delivery app:

·         Registration and login: your users must be able to easily create a profile and log in to place an order. Make sure that they are able to change the delivery address if that is needed.

·         Transparency: your app must be able to record all orders placed by your customers so they know what they ordered last time and when and how much they paid for that order.

·         Smooth upload of prescription: make sure that your app allows for the smooth upload of the prescription so the user is not asking for a drug not recommended by their doctor.

·         Order tracking: users must be able to track their orders. Your app must send a notification to your users as immediately as when the item is dispatched along with a tracking link.

·         Push notifications: you can update your customers about discount offers and schemes.

·         Availability status: you must know whether the medicine is in stock. Make sure that people get to know about the availability status at the time of placing an order. Having a notify me option will be better.

What additional features can you offer in your app?

The aforementioned features are very common. In other words, you can say that no app can be developed without these features. However, there are various other features you can add to your app to make it stand out.

·         In-app chat: by providing a feature of in-app chat, users will be able to interact with the delivery agents. They can have their queries resolved. In case you get a high demand for a particular product, you can talk to the user for a specific reason to do so.

·         Online consultation: this can improve the user experience. Online consultation can make them contact doctors round the clock. Emergency situations can be dealt with easily.

·         Diagnostics: users do not need to struggle to know the availability of a particular test at a diagnostic center because they all can get information on a single app. Your app can be one platform to let people book their tests easily.

·         Loyalty program: if you offer redeemable points on every purchase, your users will likely place more orders.

How to earn money through your medicine delivery app

 Now you have decided what features you are likely to offer to your customers. The next step is to think about ways to make money from the app.

·         Fees: since a third party will be selling their drugs through your app, you will charge them a certain amount of fees, which is your income. You can charge doctors and diagnostic centers some fees for displaying their services on your app.

·         Customer subscription: you can ask your customers to join your subscription plans in order to get discounts and free shipping.

·         Advertisements: running ads on your app can let you make a significant amount of money. Since people are coming across your products and services through your app, you will charge money in exchange for that.

What is the cost of developing a medicine delivery app?

As far as it is about the cost involves in developing a medicine delivery app, it depends on various factors. App features, platform, location, compliance requirement, and time is taken to develop the app are some essential factors that determine the cost.

It is hard to say that the app will cost you a certain amount of money because factors vary by individual. If you are looking to develop a medicine delivery app, you should consult an app developer and tell them your requirements.

It is up to you how many features you would like to add. The more the features, the more the cost will be. Make sure that the developer knows your goals and has years of experience under the belt. In case it seems very costly, you should take out installment loans for bad credit with direct lenders only.

The bottom line

Every other business is shifting to online methods of marketing and sales. Pharmaceutical companies are also tapping into the availability of apps to increase their revenues. This is why developing a medicine delivery app can be a great way to earn money.

However, you will have to ensure that you have enough money to fund the cost of development. The developer must have several years of experience in developing apps. Discuss your goals so your app can benefit you in the long run.

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