Who Is Adina Azarian Husband? The Tragic Story of the Real Estate Mogul

Who Is Adina Azarian Husband? The Tragic Story of the Real Estate Mogul
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Adina Azarian, a highly regarded real estate agent known for her work in both New York City and the Hamptons, tragically passed away in a plane crash on June 5, 2023. She was accompanied by her daughter, nanny, and pilot at the time of the accident. Adina was previously married to fellow real estate developer Michael Azarian from 2009 to 2016. This article aims to provide information about Adina Azarian husband, Michael Azarian.

Who is Adina Azarian?

Adina Azarian came from a mixed background, with both Iranian and American roots. Adina was born on March 12, 1974 in Tehran, Iran. At the age of six, she and her parents relocated to the United States after the Iranian Revolution. She spent her childhood in Long Island, New York and attended public schools. Adina then pursued a degree in business administration at New York University.

At 18 years old, Adina became an American citizen. Before that, she had citizenship in both Iran and the United States. But when she got married to Michael Azarian in 2009, she decided to give up her Iranian citizenship and keep only her American one. It marked a fresh start in her life.

Adina Azarian was a highly respected real estate agent who made a lasting impact in East Hampton and Manhattan. At the age of 40, she was adopted by John Rumpel, a prominent business tycoon, and his wife Barbara, forming a close bond with them.

Adina’s half-brother, Steven White, shared that they met by chance, possibly while waiting in line, but he didn’t know the exact details. However, the Rumpels saw in Adina a resemblance to their late daughter Victoria, who tragically passed away in a scuba diving accident in 1994. For Adina, being adopted fulfilled her lifelong dream of having caring and supportive parents after a difficult childhood.

Unfortunately, Adina’s life ended tragically in a private jet crash in rural Virginia, along with her 2-year-old daughter Aria, their nanny, and a pilot. The plane belonged to Rumpel, who expressed his deep love and affection for Adina and his late daughter Victoria.

He shared that they both possessed an indomitable spirit, saying, “We had no one else, and we loved her.”

Reunions and Rebuilding Relationships

Adina’s biological mother, Christine Graham, reflected on their relationship, noting that at the time of their meeting, both parties had a mutual need. The Rumpels had experienced the loss of their daughter in 1994, and Adina, feeling rejected by her mother due to past struggles with alcoholism, found comfort in their presence.

While Christine had been sober for 26 years, she was still working on rebuilding her relationship with Adina when the tragic accident occurred.

Steven revealed that Adina had approached their mother at one point, asking if she would be open to the idea of the Rumpels legally adopting her. He admitted that they found it unusual, given Adina’s age, as such adoptions typically involve children.

However, Adina desired a lasting connection with her adoptive parents to help her feel like she finally had a true sense of having a loving and supportive family.

The siblings had a chance reunion in 2013 at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport, which led to a beautiful bond between them. As their relationship grew stronger, Adina and Christine started to mend their fences as well.

Adina achieved remarkable success in her career as a real estate agent, obtaining a broker license and founding her own real estate company called Adina Equities in New York. Known for her attention to detail, negotiation skills, and extensive knowledge, Adina earned the respect of her colleagues in the industry.

Who is Adian Azarian Husband?

Adina Azarian had a super special day when she got married to Michael Azarian in 2009. Adina Azarian wedding was absolutely amazing and happened at a famous place called the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Lots of famous people and important folks came to celebrate their love.

Adina and Adina Azarian husband Michael were both really successful in real estate, which made them a powerful couple. However, after a seven-year union, their marriage unfortunately came to an end in 2016. They did not have any children during the course of their relationship.

Adina Azarian Wedding – An Unforgettable One

The wedding of Adina and Michael was truly unforgettable. It was talked about in many magazines and blogs. Adina looked so stunning in her special dress, which was made just for her by a famous designer named Vera Wang. She held a bouquet of beautiful white roses.

Michael looked really handsome in his fancy suit with a cool white bow tie. The ceremony happened in a really big and grand room at the Plaza Hotel.

Following the ceremony, all attendees gathered at a single location for a celebratory party. The guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, indulging in delectable cuisine, dancing to live music, and admiring the dazzling fireworks illuminating the night sky.

Since their divorce in 2016, there is no available information on the current status of former Adina Azarian husband.

Adina Azarian Daughter

Adina Azarian had a daughter named Aria Rumpel Azarian. Aria was adopted by Adina when she was just a little baby, born on January 15, 2021.

Adina Azarian Instagram

Her Instagram account @adinaeast is private and has 1783 followers.

Adina Azarian Death in Plane Crash

On June 5, 2023, Adina Azarian tragically passed away in a plane crash. Her 2-year-old daughter Aria and their beloved nanny Evadnie Smith were also on board. The plane belonged to Adina’s father, John Rumpel, a businessman from Florida who supports former President Trump.

Sadly, the plane went off course and entered an area in Washington, D.C., where it wasn’t supposed to be. This led to military jets from the Pentagon chasing after the plane. The accident took place in a mountainous region close to the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

Tragically, all passengers on board, including the dedicated nanny Evadnie Smith, perished. Evadnie was an important part of Adina’s family and had been taking care of Aria in their home in East Hamptons.

Friends affectionately called Evadnie “Nanny V” and spoke highly of her kind heart and special connection with Adina and her daughter.

The Unfortunate Accident

The Rumpel family, who had a successful business and supported Republican causes, confirmed the heartbreaking news of their daughter and granddaughter’s deaths. They were traveling on a privately-owned Cessna aircraft to Long Island when the plane deviated from its intended course and entered restricted airspace near Washington, D.C.

In response, the Department of Defense dispatched military jets from Joint Base Andrews to intercept the plane due to its unauthorized flight path. The jets flew at supersonic speeds, creating a loud noise that scared people in the D.C. area.

The military jets noticed that the pilot was in a dangerous position, suggesting that something was wrong. Experts believe that the Cessna might have had problems with air pressure. Which could have caused a lack of oxygen and made the pilot and passengers lose consciousness.

The plane likely continued flying on its own until it ran out of fuel and crashed around 3:30 p.m. in a heavily forested and mountainous area of Virginia.

Final Words

The loss of Adina Azarian, her daughter Aria, and their devoted nanny Evadnie Smith happened too soon and has left a big void in the hearts of Adina Azarian husband, parents, friends, and the community.

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