RockStar Martial Arts Are Set To Open Franchises

RockStar Martial Arts Are Set To Open Franchises

A famous martial arts organization called Rock star Martial Arts is set to change the martial arts culture for the better. It plans to create a development program to help youth develop their characters. The aim of doing this is to let people know that martial arts are not all about fitness. But rather, it is the development of your attitude and character towards the sport and people around you. The organization seeks to do something positive for American children and youths.

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About Rockstar Martial Arts

In 2014, Rockstar came into being and has continued to enjoy tremendous growth since then. Many parents and guardians have enrolled their kids and wards in its training program. This is due to the conducive and clean environment along with the training plans that include leadership skills. You can even go there to learn David Cummings kickboxing style, David Cummings Muay Thai, and many more.

The Founders of Rockstar

The founders of Rockstar are James and Shiva Boecker, a husband and wife duo. Shiva decided to open a martial arts brand after meeting her business partner, James, who later became her husband. James is an avid martial artist and a fitness expert. Both John and Shiva turned their experience and love into a business opportunity. They discovered that there is a market for practical skills that promote wellness and health.

RockStar has received several positive responses from its clients, who praised the brand for its good work. Even communities where each branch is located have nothing but positive things to say about Rockstar. Therefore, Shiva and James can confidently say that any new branch they open will also do well. They can’t wait to venture into new territories and make their mark there. Their goal is to make martial arts attractive and interesting to people, especially children, and youths.

Where to find Rockstar Martial Arts

Rock Star has successfully opened seven training branches in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas. And it plans to expand to other states and countries. According to a Rockstar employee, Rockstar wants to introduce its business and training concepts to people before the competition comes.

The need for the expansion

It has been a long time coming for Rockstar to extend its business tentacles. The brand has already carved a niche for itself in martial arts. It has a good reputation, customers are satisfied with the services it received, and new customers patronize the brand.

However, with increased patronage comes the need to expand to other states and countries to provide them with their top-notch services. Moreover, the expansion goal of Rockstar is to introduce revolutionized martial arts to more people.

Similarly, Shiva, a founder of Rockstar, wants to let people see how martial arts can help people. She revealed that she benefited from practicing martial arts a lot. That is why she and her spouse established Rockstar to let people enjoy the benefits it brings. And ever since its establishment, it has helped youths mature and find their ways in the world.

Training programs offered by Rockstar

Rockstar offers a variety of martial arts training like kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and many more. These programs are designed to teach learners how to set goals, respect themselves, persevere, have fun, and stay healthy. It will also let the youths be disciplined and help them in their personal development.

Other programs in the training are anti-bullying training programs for kids. These programs will equip children with the necessary verbal and physical skills needed to tackle bullies.

The performance of Rockstar martial arts in 2022

Rockstar branches all over the country have been enjoying steady membership every year. In addition, 2022 has brought more success to the brand. This is because it is the year Rockstar’s seven branches performed exceptionally well. Similarly, all the branches have more than 50 new members every month.

Furthermore, the brand is set to expand its operations to all the states in the US. To make this goal come through, Rockstar is looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs anywhere in the US. Entrepreneurs should be people who aspire to be pacesetters in youth and fitness development.


Lastly, Rockstar aspires to increase its exposure and annual revenue by 2024. The brand has proven its worth over the years. So it stands to reason that the founders are confident of its future success. If you are interested in partnering with a brand that is continuously growing, then Rockstar is right for you. However, if you are interested in learning skills like David Cummings martial arts, then Rockstar has your back.

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