The BMW X5 is the most attractive SAV model in the segment from the BMW brand. In order to increase the attraction in the eyes of users, the car has been upgraded with a crystal gear lever in addition to the previous strong improvements. This detail makes people think of the same luxury and sophistication as the senior X7.


the BMW X5 2021 is tall and muscular with a new chassis.

The 4th generation of BMW X5 opens with comprehensive, more powerful changes. Talking about the chassis system, competitors in the segment have to say hello and admire the talent of BMW engineers.

The vehicle uses the new Cluster Architecture platform with an aluminum alloy chassis to help reduce weight by 100-150 kg. The vehicle has overall dimensions of length x width x height 4922 x 2004 x 1745 mm.

Car Need

The front of the car stands out in the enlarged kidney grille with vertical light bars. When it is necessary to cool the entire cockpit, the air intake automatically opens to let the airflow into the engine.

Unlike other Bimmer models, the X5 has a headlight that is completely independent of the steering wheel. The highlight that makes the aggressive and fierce appearance is the beveled Corona circles at the bottom, creating a more sophisticated and luxurious feeling.

The vehicle uses an adaptive LED headlight system capable of intelligently detecting light and adjusting the projection angle so as not to cause glare for the opposite person. There can be some essential aspects of your vehicle that ask for regular tune ups. In addition, if desired, customers can upgrade to Laser technology for more impressive performance.

At the bottom, the car has an extended amplifier with black plastic panels connecting two masculine angular trapezoidal air intakes.

Vehicle Body

Seen from the side, the muscular, tall BMW X5 with the veins running through the door handles is a distinctive identification point. The tall B and C pillars create a straight, upright window frame arch, a clear sign to identify a car with a high, airy ceiling.

The entire body rides on a unique set of 19-inch 5-spoke V-shaped rims with a sporty exterior plastic panel. Right at the front wheel arch, a fish-shaped diffuser is attached to help airflow from front to back stably to accelerate the car.

The rear of the BMW X5 has a large design, extending its horizontal surface to bring a really impressive look. The taillights apply sharp 3D LED technology, long claws and shine like a metal bar burned in the fire.

Above, a sports spoiler is installed, a shark fin antenna helps to increase the handsome appearance, while below is a thick silver-plated rear bumper that is very masculine.

Many Ultra-Modern Safety Technologies

The most valuable safety feature on the X5 is the Plus version of the parking assistance system with a CCTV camera and a parking distance sensor. Users only need to install, enter the reverse gear, and the car will automatically turn and reverse to the desired parking position.


With only a slight upgrade in the crystal gearshift area, the BMW X5 2021 has created a positive effect in the eyes of Bimmer lovers because of the ultimate luxury in the cockpit.

The car shows its class through the exciting driving feeling, spacious interior and a series of trend-leading technologies. However, the X5 still suffers from the small disadvantage of having a higher selling price than the common ground, making it difficult for the car to compete.

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