Home Builder Ideas – Additions For Your Next House

Home Builder Ideas – Additions For Your Next House

Building a house is an exciting time where you will be making a lot of choices about the layout, use of space and color themes. You will no doubt need to purchase appliances, furniture, and interior decoration items to make your new house your own too, and from the floor plan to the kitchen and bathroom, there is a lot of planning and organizing to be done.

It’s all part of the fun for home builders and renovators, and with that in mind, we have some surprisingly affordable new ideas for your home that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Adding a few of these touches will make sure your home is dressed to impress while both adding value in many different ways. Check out our ideas for home builders.

Folding Doors

Folding doors have become highly popular and fashionable for many new home designs and renovation tasks. Often utilizing large floor to ceiling windows, folding doors normally withdraw on runners all the way to the corners in an accordion fashion, and apart from featuring plenty of glass, you will also commonly find prefabricated versions available using wood and even framed with alloys.

Folding doors typically offer uninterrupted views outside while giving your home a feeling of space and openness, and they also allow you to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather when completely withdrawn. You will find them used for patios, balconies, courtyards and almost any places in the home connecting you to an outside area.

Central/Ducted Vacuum Systems

New technology has helped central vacuum systems, otherwise known as ducted vacuum systems, become more efficient and affordable. You can install them at any time, but for a new home, it will be even easier as you can include the necessary air ducts in the home builder plans.

As the name suggests, the central vacuuming units utilize a unit mounted in a fixed position to suck dirt from the floor using a number of ducts throughout the home. You can then simply empty dirt periodically, and let the central vacuum unit do the hard work for you. It’s a great way to keep your new home clean while making your life easier.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a fantastic option to consider for stylistic purposes in the kitchen or bathroom of your home. Available in a wide array of colors and providing dazzling effects, you could use glass tiles to break the monotony of more common ceramic types (or similar) or if the budget allows, you could consider a more encompassing glass tile effect. There are many examples available from your local tile distributor, so check some out today and then contact a home builder about installing glass tiles.

Whole House Music and Intercom System

There is an influx of affordable new technology filtering through in the home entertainment category. From 50 inch plus televisions featuring LCD, LED technology or plasma through to home theatre systems and a whole lot more, it’s likely that your home entertainment will accountant for a significant part of your budget.

With all the media interconnectivity options available today, one item that may really benefit your home is a music and intercom system that encompasses rooms throughout the house. That way, you can plug your iPod into the lounge room and enjoy music over different areas of the house from the kitchen to the patio.

These systems vary in complexity, and they may feature everything from a simple FM/AM radio set-up to full compatibility with other devices, such as the abovementioned iPod. Wireless speakers and features such as an intercom are valuable additions that can make your life easy.

All-In-One Media Manager

It’s becoming quite common for many people to own several different types of media, from iPods and stereos through to Blu-Ray and DVD players, laptops, computers, and home theatre set-ups. Televisions and amplifiers accommodate this with a number of inputs and outputs, but if you’re interested in something a little different, you can purchase a media manager.

These are like computer towers that will allow you to manage all your devices at once, and they are sold through the regular computer distributors you probably already know about. They vary in price and capability, but you should be able to get one with features similar to a good amplifier with things such as sound processing and speaker output along with the ability to record things, surf the internet (including online radio or games) and play music.

The media is run through your television display, and for those really tech-oriented, you could even set up a whole-house music system that allows you to send different music and entertainment to other rooms in the house. All this from the one easy-to-use system? It’s easy to see why this could be a practical addition for any home builder or renovator.

Solar Panel System

To make our homes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, residential solar power systems have emerged as a game-changer in pursuing sustainable living. This innovative setup allows homeowners to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and provides a long-term solution to soaring electricity costs. By tapping into the vast potential of solar energy, residential solar power systems enable you to generate clean electricity right at home, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future. to embark on your journey toward energy independence.

Hot Water Re-Circulator

There are two great reasons to think about installing a hot water re-circulator in your home. Firstly, it is a great budget-friendly alternative to those who can’t afford hot water on demand system but still want to be water conscious, save on bills and be friendly towards the environment. You can install on for your sinks or shower, and then with the push of a button hot water is simply heated and recirculated instead of going down the drain.

The second reason you may enjoy this device is that you will be able to enjoy guilt-free, long hot showers or a spa day in your new bathroom. It’s well worth considering making room in the budget for one of these devices.

Home Security and Lighting

Home security systems have come a long way in recent years, and technology has made these systems more efficient, reliable and affordable. Being security conscious has some obvious benefits, and you might be surprised at some of the great security systems available for your home. They will even monitor activity patterns in your home and repeat them for when you go away, turning on and off lights so that your home appears busy even when you are away.

We hope these helpful suggestions have given both new home builders and renovators some thoughtful consideration to add to your next project. You can find these products and more through the many retailers, distributors and professionals at Business.com.au, so call today to find out more about home builder ideas for your new home.

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