Super Cute Heart Shaped Foods to Express Love on Valentine’s Day

Super Cute Heart Shaped Foods to Express Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to pull up the socks and get down to the preparation part — wondering what’s there to prepare about this Day? Well, you’ll understand this if you have a date for Valentine.

As we know that valentine is celebrated every year on 14 th Feb and that too by all people around the world. It is a chance to celebrate love and show your significant other how much you love them. So you might not want to miss this chance, right? Now you’ll agree that this Day definitely needs preparations. So, when planning to surprise your partner, the smallest of the smallest romantic gestures counts. The preparation can go from purchasing expensive valentine day gifts to just a casual dinner date.

When looking for something romantic as well as fun, why not cook a romantic valentine’s dinner for two? This way, you can keep the date casual and on point. Cooking dinner yourself is perfect because you get ample time together. But what to cook that will add up to your celebration? Well, there is one thing that I know will surely make you and your partner’s heart flutter, and that are heart-shaped food items. Surprisingly, all foods can be transformed into heart shapes.

Fortunately, V- Day is the perfect time to play with imagination and let it run wild. So, turn anything and everything into an adorable treat into the shape of love. Whether you’re looking for something sweet — like a brownie, cinnamon roll or a waffle or you would prefer something savory like a pizza or a vegetable sandwich, the list covers everything classic that will work best for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pick up any of these fabulous food ideas that will impress your sweetheart.

Love Toasts

As breakfast is the first meal of the day, then it surely deserves to be the list opener. What could be better than opening the Day with some extra love? For that, prepare some love toasts and surprise your partner with your creativity. Just cut a heart shape from the center of the bread loaf with the heart-shaped cookie cutter and fill half fried egg into the cavity. This was just an idea; you can totally experiment and use your ideas too. Breakfast in bed would have never looked this romantic because ordinary toasts are turned into something special.

Cookie Bouquet 

Sure fresh flowers are gorgeous and everything, but don’t you agree that real fresh flowers lose their charm with time. And not to forget that you cannot eat one. Valentine’s Day surely demands a love bouquet, but that bouquet need not always be a flower bouquet. I have a better idea, and you can eat it too. For that gift, a cookie bouquet. Instead of withering away with time, these cookies will get better and better with time (until they are gone, of course). You can prepare it yourself at home with heart-shaped cookies, or you will find many bakeries that provide such creative stuff.

Heart Shape Cake

When talking about heart-shaped food, how can we miss a heart-shaped cake that shouts out love loud and clear? Though this valentine day cake is easily available at any bakery but make some efforts and bake it yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to add the main ingredient that is your love. Get your oven mitts ready as you are going to do some serious baking (just kidding, baking is always fun).

This is the list of foods that you have to prepare for your valentine.

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