Top Invisalign Alternative Clear Aligner in India

Top Invisalign Alternative Clear Aligner in India

There Are Many Invisalign Alternative Clear Aligners in India. Such as

  • Clearpath Aligners: Clearpath aligners is a newer company and is based in the Middle East. It is now increasingly becoming popular in Europe and North America. Since the company is relatively new, there aren’t many cases or reviews to support the success rate of the brand. In case of a more straightforward example, these Invisalign alternatives prove to be an affordable option as Invisalign is expensive.
  • Clear Correct: These clear aligners are similar to Invisalign in that they are clear plastic trays used to straighten your teeth. Compared to the Invisalign trays, clear, correct plates are thinner and therefore, are less visible than Invisalign. But, the thinness of these trays makes them less sturdy too. The material used by Clear Correct aligners is the same as that used by Invisalign; still, Invisalign now uses something called as the ‘smart track material’ that is believed to be more comfortable in the mouth. Since the company is new, many orthodontists prefer to go for other older brands due to a robust research backup and success rates. But, in the hands of an experienced orthodontist, Clear Correct aligners can be a great choice to get your teeth aligned. The main reason for Clear Correct aligners being cheaper is the fact that they are thinner than Invisalign and use lesser material.

Benefits of Having Straight Aligned Teeth

  • Candid Co: Another cheaper alternative to Invisalign, Candid Co is a home-based clear aligner system, similar to Smile Direct Club. But, unlike Smile Direct Club, Candid Co offers patients the option to visit one of their clinical locations where their case is evaluated and told if they are eligible for clear aligner treatment. If the patient is available, he/she is asked to purchase a home impression kit. It also offers a refund option if, after impressions, the patient is found not to be a candidate for clear aligners. While you might think that all home-based clear aligner companies are roughly the same, Candid Co chooses to differentiate themselves. They stress on the fact that they have expert, qualified doctors, high quality and standards of care, and superior quality and comfort of their aligners. A simple case takes roughly about 6-8 months to complete. They offer simple, secure payment options too.


  • Flash Aligners by Flash Orthodontics: Flash orthodontics that makes clear flash aligners is based out of Mumbai in India. This company vouches by their quick turnaround time and avoids the delay in beginning treatment of patients by phase-wise dispatching of their trays. The treatment time with these aligners varies between 3 to 18 months. Over 15,00,000 patients have been treated with this aligner system until now. Due to the advanced technology used by the company, the results of the treatment are predictable, and patients have had successful results. A large number of orthodontists in India today are using Flash aligners. Since the company is based in India, it is much more affordable and alternative to Invisalign.

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  • 32 Watts Clear Aligners: If you are on the lookout for the best aligner brand available in India today, 32 Watts Clear Aligners must be your final choice. The company is based in New Delhi and uses top-notch technology and materials. 32 Watts aligners are transparent trays that are made from the best quality material which is biocompatible, soft and comfortable to the patient, compared to most aligners out there today. There are plenty of reasons why you must choose 32 Watts aligners:
    • The company has a qualified panel of orthodontists who evaluate and devise treatment plans customised for each patient
    • They have a specialised manufacturing unit where the clear aligners are prepare
    • The technology and machines used by the company for manufacturing the clear aligners are imported from Germany, the USA and Denmark
    • 32 Watts uses the best in the industry treatment planning software to give each patient the best possible and the most accurate solution for their case
    • They have a support team that is always available and easily reachable
    • They have over 100+ affiliated clinics across India and a growing number of orthodontists who are routinely using 32 Watts clear aligners
    • 32 Watts aligners have an extensive range of problems that they can solve such as– crowding, spacing, crossbites, overbites, etc.
    • Once your treatment has been approved, your trays will reach you within 5-7 days
    • They ensure delivery to your doorstep or clinic based on your specification
    • The company provides complete support to its patients and orthodontists using the trays throughout the treatment of the patient
    • Extremely affordable and


A Quick Comparison of Some Popular Invisalign Alternatives

Feature Invisalign K-Line ClearPath 32 Watts Candid Co Flash Smile Direct
Quality of Treatment High Good Good High Average Good Good
Support During Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes Through a representative Yes No
Cost Expensive Costly Costly Affordable Cheap Costly Costly
Result/Success Excellent Good Good Excellent Average-Good Good Average
At-home/In-office In-office In-office In-office In-office At-home In-office At-home


A few decades back, who would’ve thought that dentistry would offer people so many varied options to choose from to straighten their teeth and give them the confident smile they are looking out for? Not only do patient have the choice to pick between braces of different types but also choose from different kinds of aligners available in the market today! It is highly recommended that you, as a patient, do extensive research and to find the best option to straighten your teeth. It is also advised that you make a decision based on the recommendation or under the guidance of your orthodontist as he/she will be the best person to guide you based on the complexity of your case. Yes, there are many cheaper alternatives of clear aligners, but bot all that is cheap is the best for you. However, this does not mean that only expensive aligners are the best. There are some affordable yet best quality aligners like 32 Watts aligners that provide the best treatment at a price that is easily affordable by Indians today! In case you have queries or would like to get your teeth aligned, contact us today!

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