A New and fast Laser Treatment for Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin

A New and fast Laser Treatment for Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin

With age, the skin begins to lose its natural glow, especially the face. Even in your forties, signs of aging begin to appear on the skin as wrinkles and fine lines. With the passage of years, the skin begins to sag, and the appearance of the complexion becomes worse. While good skincare can help delay this process, it cannot be eliminated completely. There are many treatments available to treat this condition. Laser skin tightening is the most effective and efficient treatment. Let’s take a look at how to treat the problem with the laser.

How does this treatment work?

The mechanism of action is very simple. The laser is set at specific frequencies to allow it to bypass the upper layers of the skin and target those that are deeper. The laser heats these layers in order to boost collagen and elastin production. These structural proteins that keep skin plump and firm.

Over time, sun damage and environmental pollution these proteins will be severely damaged and skin fatigue will appear. With a one-time laser skin tightening treatment in Dubai, protein levels in the skin begin to improve, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear. And this effect can continue for weeks after the treatment sessions, and thus the results continue to improve.

Side effects and discontinuation after treatment:

The side effects are very mild with some redness, swelling and itching in the treated areas. It usually lasts a few days and goes away on its own. In very rare cases there may be bruising. Sensitivity to light will appear, so the sun should be avoided, and if it is necessary to go out during the day, you should wear a sunblock with a high degree of protection.

There is no time for a patient to stop after treatment although taking a break after a treatment session is a good idea. In general, the operation is not painful, only a slight pain is felt, such as the sting of a thin rubber wire, during the procedure, and to avoid any inconvenience, a local anesthetic is applied to the skin.

Treatment Effectiveness

Laser skin tightening in Abu Dhabi is a very effective treatment that can turn back the clock for several years. Several treatment sessions are needed to obtain the desired results. Once the treatment is finished, the skin will remain tight and look younger for a long period of time. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain results with good and regular skin care.

Free consultation

If you are embarrassed about the appearance of signs of aging on your skin and wrinkles start to give you an age greater than your age and want to get treatment, then laser skin tightening is the best solution, please contact us for any questions or for more information write to us about everything that bothers your skin in the form at the bottom of the page and you will get free consultation from one of our experts and doctors specializing in dermatology and lasers.

We at the Laser and Skin Care Clinic in Abu Dhabi are ready to provide the treatment that suits your condition with advanced technologies and treatments approved and at affordable prices with discounts that you will not find the same in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region and throughout the year, your health, beauty, and satisfaction is our goal and our motto.

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