When Can You Eat Normal Food After Wisdom Teeth?

When Can You Eat Normal Food After Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom tooth emerge after attaining certain age, it causes lots of pain and discomfort while chewing food and sometimes even opening your mouth. Wisdom tooth mainly develops at the last row also known as molar teeth and sometimes become intolerable due to intense pain making your life difficult and restless.

If you are not able to bear its pain anymore, the best option to get rid of pain is remove the tooth permanently from the roots. It will create a problem for few days, as you would be not able to eat food but you will get permanent solution from often pain due to wisdom tooth and enjoy a trouble-free chewing and eating of food.

But the question here is, when can you eat solid food after wisdom teeth? So depending on your tooth extraction scenario and wounds due to tooth removal, I take few days to fully recover and eat solid food without any problem.

At least for 24 hours you should take only liquid. Make sure avoid the hot drinking items, like tea, coffee or hot soup. Consume only cold drinkable items like coldrink, ice cream and fruit juice. It will not only provide you energy but not hurt your affected area of extracted tooth.

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How Long Until You Can Eat After Wisdom Teeth?

And after 24-hour you can eat some think soup or solid items in liquid state, as biting or chewing hard materials will enhance your pain and cause other problems. So, at least for 4 to five days avoid the sold food items and allow your mouth to get fully recover from tooth extraction.

To get fully recovered timely also take antibiotics to treat the wounds and meanwhile if there is any problem or you feel extraordinary pain visit at your dentist in Jamaica and have a checkup. Maybe it will take few more days to recover if any complications arise, or you not take the medicine timely.

And you will realize yourself if you are comfortable enough to eat solid food or still there is pain. Once, you fully get fully recovered you can eat normally without any pain. And if you got removed any other teeth you can get backed with tooth implants which is the process of installing the new tooth similar texture and strength making allowing you chew food easily without any trouble.

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