Ways to Take Care of your Camera

Ways to Take Care of your Camera

According to Joeri Leeuwerik, cameras have become the real deal these days whether to capture beautiful moments or to tell our story to the world through photography. And while many are increasingly investing in this device, not everyone understands the importance of proper maintenance of it. The point is digital cameras are made up of delicate components that can be damaged as a result of improper handling. So even when you buy the most expensive, durable camera in the world, without proper maintenance, it is not going to serve you for long.

Therefore, if you want a good value for the dollars spent on a camera and you want it to stay with you for long, proper maintenance is important. Here, Joeri Leeuwerik, a photographer renowned for its wildlife photography, shares expert tips on how best you can maintain your camera to ensure it lasts long for better pictures.

 1. Use a Camera Bag

So many people just walk around with their camera in whatever bags they are carrying. Handbags, purses, suitcase- you name it. However, carrying your bag this way can cause harm on both the lens and body of the camera. There are good quality camera bags that are meant for just what’s called- Camera! Investing in one is an inexpensive yet effective way of protecting your camera says Joeri Leeuwerik. Moreover, camera bags are mostly waterproof inside and can help protect your camera on days when rain comes knocking.

2. Clean the Camera Always

Don’t even think you can cut corners when it comes to cleaning your camera lens by using napkins, or any clothes you see. This will only damage your camera lens more. Camera lens always has a cleaning cloth or you can use an ultrafine microfiber which remains one of the best for cleaning cameras. From fingerprint to grease smudge, to dust, it can effectively remove all kinds of dirt leaving your camera lens sparkling clean.

3. Prepare Camera for Extreme Weather Conditions

Joeri Leeuwerik says weather extremities can wreck a complete havoc to your camera. Therefore, you need to protect your camera from extreme weather conditions. Exposing the weather to direct sunlight can damage the camera sensor,  cause harm to the hardware or even spark fire in the camera. The extreme cold is also a no-no for cameras. Hence, ensure to keep the camera cool during hot weather and keep it warm during cold weather.

4. Keep Away from Water and Sand

It is always important to keep your camera from sand, dirt or water. “While this are inevitable especially when taking pictures on a windy day or water mistakenly comes in contact with it. Clean it off immediately and use a soft bristle brush to clean off any sand,” Joeri Leeuwerik advises. Be careful with using canned air as you might simply drive dirt into the camera case and it can damage the hardware.

5. Store the Camera Properly

You cannot just keep your camera anywhere. If you are not going to be using your camera for a while, it is important to keep it safely in a warm, room temperature and out of direct exposure to weather, says Joeri Leeuwerik. Besides, do not forget to remove batteries before storing your camera. This will help you to avoid corrosion and also extend the battery life.

Even if you have the most durable camera, maintaining it properly will ensure your camera lives up to its claim.

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