Rimless Back to Wall Toilets can change look of your bathroom

Rimless Back to Wall Toilets can change look of your bathroom

The Rimless Back to Wall Toilets is a relatively newer innovation that has gained popularity in the last few years. Toilets once considered a less important fixture in terms of aesthetics, have come a long way in terms of design. Even an ordinary toilet nowadays is available in various designs and shapes. It is undoubtedly, the most used fixture that can highly contribute to your comfort level while using a bathroom. Therefore, it is important to consider the different toilet options available from every aspect to ensure you make the right choice while buying a toilet. 

Understanding Rimless Back to Wall Toilets

It is a type of toilet that sits on the floor but stands against either the wall or a furniture unit. Only the toilet bowl remains visible, while the cistern or water tank remains concealed out of sight. That also means all the plumbing and pipework remains hidden as well. As a result, you get a much cleaner and clutter-free look in the bathroom. In addition, that the toilet we are talking about has a rimless design. That refers specifically to the toilet bowl having no rims inside. Which is a kind of contemporary feature that offers the benefit of easier cleaning and maintenance. In traditional toilets with rims, cleaning was not easy. The curved edges around the bowl corners were a place of dirt and bacterial accumulation. So, with a new design where rims are removed, you don’t get this problem. 

Rimless Back to Wall Toilets Vs Close Coupled Toilets. 

Rimless Back to Wall ToiletsWe have already discussed the Rimless Back To Wall Toilets. There is the following difference between these options.

  • The BTW toilet has two separate parts a toilet bowl and a water tank. Both of these are supplied individually and then tied to each other to work as a single unit. But with the close coupled toilets, both the cistern and the bowl are supplied as one unit. So, it all combines to make one single unit. 
  • With the btw toilet, the cistern usually sits against the wall or a storage unit. In contrast, there is almost no gap between the wall and cistern. In comparison, a close coupled toilets has a gap between it and the wall.
  • The close-coupled toilets have their water tank either on the top or a side of the bowl. While for the btw types, the cistern/flush tank is within the wall or a WC unit. 

One thing that you will notice, which is also common in both, is that both have various designs available in the market for all types of looks. 

Few Features of Rimless Back to Wall Toilets

Here are a few features and benefits of a rimless back to wall toilets.

1-Space Saving Toilet. The biggest benefit of these toilets is the space-saving. While most homes in the UK have limited bathroom space, they need a fixture that can better utilize the available space. These toilets have hidden cisterns were the only things that will take or cover space on the floor of the bowl. That reduces its impact on bathroom space in comparison to the traditional toilet. 

2-Easier Cleaning. With an innovative new bowl design that does not have rims, the cleaning of the pan becomes so much easier and hassle-free. There will be no accumulation of dirt and bacteria so. You can easily keep it clean. You will only need to spend just a few minutes of your time daily, and it will be enough for it to keep it clean.

3- Bathroom Storage. The btw toilet pan is connected to the cistern, which is either hidden inside the wall or inside the furniture unit. If you choose a vanity unit, it can offer ample storage capacity to keep your bathroom essentials. 

Final Words

Your choice of toilet should be based on your personal preference and bathroom layout. You must consider the shape, size, design, and the kind of look you want to create before choosing the one for you. 

Is Rimless Back to Wall Toilets Right for You?

Although rimless back to wall toilets may be a little more complicated to install and maintain, they will surely impress everyone with their look and practicality. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of toilets and all other types of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at reasonable prices.

A new toilet can bring a new feel to your bathroom. You are one of the most used fixtures, its average life span of about 12 years. Considering the number of times, we use them; toilets withstand a lot.  There will be a time when you will need to replace them because these may get into bad shape over time. Or you may also be looking to replace them simply for aesthetics and practical purposes.

In modern times, toilets come in various shapes and sizes, and people are also considering replacing a traditional toilet with a trendy new design. If you are wondering how you will know if your toilet needs a replacement for being in bad shape? In this blog, we explain few warning signs that give you a hint that it is now time to replace a toilet. But first, we discuss the different types of toilets options you may have available.

Different Types of New Toilet Replacement Options. 

Rimless Back to Wall Toilets Right for You?Once you decide about the replacement, you will generally have the following types of new toilets options. 

  1. Close Coupled Toilet.  It is the most popular toilet choice in the UK and around the world. Having a traditional design where the toilet bowl closely joins the cistern, it now comes in various designs and shapes. The addition of modern features has made it a suitable choice for contemporary bathrooms too. It is affordable, easier to install, and main. 
  2. Back To Wall Toilets. A relatively newer choice, BTW toilets are toilets that sit on the floor directly but have their cistern concealed inside the wall or WC unit. So, these offer a relatively cleaner look and a type of trendy design. However, their installation and maintenance are a bit more complicated compared to the traditional toilet. 
  3. Wall Hung Toilet. These are a type of minimalist design with compact and slimline features. As clear from the name, these toilets are hung on the wall. All their pipework and cistern remain hidden inside the wall. Besides, the space on the floor also remains empty, making it a lot easier to keep the floor clean and tidy. Its unit and installation costs are a lot more expensive. 

Major Signs to Look for Before Buying a New Toilets 

Here are major signs to look for to understand whether your bathroom needs a new toilet

  • Regular Repair and Maintenance. If your toilet requires regular repairs and maintenance then, it may be time to consider a toilet replacement. Generally, if the problem is complicated enough to need a plumber to sort it out, consider all the costs before calling him up. It is because calling a plumber in the UK is not cheap. Perhaps, you may need to pay nearly the same amount which you can even buy a toilet. So, why pay extra in all such cases.
  • Cracks in the Bowl or Cistern. In some cases, your toilet bowl or tank has cracks on it. Whether it results in leaking water right now or not, this will eventually create a problem for you. So, if you see such damage, it is better to consider replacement rather than trying to repair it. 
  • Constantly Running Water. Is water constantly running through the flush without stopping? You may have to stop it through the main supply line. As cistern will not hold water, it can create a lot of annoyance. This problem is directly linked to the malfunctioning small part that controls the water flow. If you can replace that part by yourself, then well and good. But such a replacement will not guarantee the problem will not reoccur. So, calling on a plumber to fix the issue may not feasible solution. So, you should consider replacement in all such cases.

Does your Bathroom Need a New Toilet?

So, after reading this blog, you are aware of the situations where replacing an old with a new toilet becomes essential. You can also look for different types of toilets available at Royal Bathrooms UK’s website. You can get the best deals for all kinds of fixtures on our website.

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