15 Most Interesting Sports Movies Ever

15 Most Interesting Sports Movies Ever

Do you like movies about sports, are motivated by strong thematic subjects and are looking for something to look at now? Especially for you, we have collected the best films about sports in one list – read, watch and write comments, what other films about sports you know and love!

Streaming movies are as popular as anything these days. I have watched these motivating movies on Soap2day and gives me a sigh of relief to say it was quite an enjoyable experience. These movies will make you want to grab your popcorn and not leave your seats.

Here is the list of best among the lot:

1. Race ( 2013 )

This is a film about sports based on real events. James Hunt and Nikki Lauda are implacable opponents and the best Formula 1 racers. They will face in a decisive battle, in which you can lose not only the cup and reputation but also life.

2. Million Dollar Baby ( 2004 )

The list of films about sports would not be complete without a drama directed by Clint Eastwood, in which he played the main character’s trainer. Maggie is a waitress in an eatery, but her biggest dream is to succeed in boxing. Will she convince the old coach of her talent and will they achieve their goals?

3. Legend No. 17 ( 2013 )

This film about sports will make you feel something. The story of the talented hockey player of the Soviet national team Valery Kharlamov, who, despite the most serious injury, participated in the legendary victory match against the Canadian pros from the NHL.

4. Tasmanian Devil ( 2016 )

Vinnie Pazienza is a young, ambitious world lightweight boxing champion. At the peak of fame, he falls into a terrible car accident. Will Vinnie make his dreams come true if now he is not even able to walk?

5. Upward Movement ( 2017 )

This motivating film about sports will tell the real story about the victory of the Russian basketball team over the American champions at the Olympics in Munich. One of the best Russian films made in recent years.

6. Trainer Carter ( 2005 )

This film about teens and sports tells the story of a school basketball team. In 1999, due to low ratings of the players, the national team coach blocked their access to training. The team, which did not know a single defeat, missed several matches. Will this approach help push athletes to knowledge?

7. Unbroken ( 2015 )

The real story of the athlete Louis Zamperini, who, during a speech at the Olympics in Berlin, won the favor of Hitler. However, after the outbreak of World War II, the athlete was forced to change the stadium to the front. After the crash of the plane, Louis submits to the Japanese.

8. Champions ( 2014 ) and Champions 2 ( 2016 )

Not the whole list of athletes whose stories have combined the films “Champions” and “Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger!”. This is 2 movies about sports achievements, love, friendship, and self – confidence.

9. Fox Hunter ( 2014 )

Top movies about sports are complemented by a drama about wrestler Mark Schulz. In order to take his rightful place next to his famous brother and to prepare well for the Olympic Games, he agrees to train at the estate of multimillionaire John Dupont. But he does not know what goals the businessman pursues and what kind of game he started …

10. Surfer of the Soul ( 2011 )

Bettany Hamilton cannot imagine her life without surfing. At 13, a shark attacks her and robs the girl of her left hand. Can Bettany continue to do what she loves? Watch the denouement in a movie about teenagers and sports based on real events.

11. Tonya against all ( 2018 )

Among the new films about sports, this picture really made a splash. It tells about the famous American skater Tone Harding, whose childhood and youth passed alongside the demanding tyrant

However, things get really bad when trying to intimidate a competitor in a competition gets out of hand.

12. Triumph ( 2005 )

Shia LaBeouf will appear in the image of an unknown young golfer who defeated the invincible Harry Vardon in 1913. One of the best sports films is based on real events.

13. The Invisible Side ( 2009 )

A selection of films about sports is complemented by a picture with Sandra Bullock in the title role. She plays a woman whose wealthy family takes custody of a fat black illiterate kid and helps him become an American football star.

14. Every Sunday ( 1999 )

Inimitable Al Pacino will appear before us in the role of coach of the American football team .Previously invincible, now athletes are suffering a series of setbacks. In addition, one of the strongest players leaves the team, and his daughter comes to the place of the owner of the team, who believes that football is a way to earn money and nothing more.

15. With all his might ( 1987 )

Sylvester Stallone, known for his role as Rocky Balboa, will reincarnate as a truck driver. He heads to the arm-wrestling championship. Will the hero be able to defeat his opponents?

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