Tech Education Opportunities That Will Improve Your Resume

Tech Education Opportunities That Will Improve Your Resume

Technology is not an essential part of IT only; it is key to other fields, including business, healthcare, and telecommunication. However, most people undermine the significance of tech skills and focus on the traditionally relevant skills in their area. This ignorance can affect your chances of employment as employers prefer workers with diverse skill sets. Here are tech education opportunities and skills that will help you beat the rest to your job of choice.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft office programs are often ignored because people believe they aren’t powerful. However, Microsoft Office has several key features that make office work easier and faster. Regardless if you are applying as an intern or for a permanent spot, these programs will be helpful. You will have to rely on these programs many times to carry out various office functions. Thus you need to be adept with Microsoft office to carry out much-needed activities such as creating a table of contents in Word. If unsure which program to learn first, opt for Excel, Word, and Outlook, as they are relevant to businesses.

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Social Media

You need more than basic knowledge on how to navigate social media accounts. You have to be adept with the social media tools businesses rely on to manage their social accounts. You can manage social media accounts on different platforms, make posts, and get growth insights with these tools. Also, learn how other social media platforms compare in terms of marketing strategies like the use of hashtags. This is one of many great tech education opportunities to look into that will help you reach your dream job.

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Computer Programming

You will be valuable to your workmates if you know programming languages such as Python. Contrary to the belief that Python is hard, reputable sites offer fun, simple, and easy courses on the intro to Python. Non-technical positions also require some basic programming languages such as HTML and CSS. C++ and SQL are some easy languages that beginners can learn quickly and use in the non-technical field. If you have technical expertise, check all the job posting requirements and include your best skills. As much as some coding skills might not be necessary for your job, they make you stand out from others.

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Content Management and HTML

You don’t require knowledge of every programming language or hours of coding to manage a website. There are content management systems that you can leverage to create content and manage a website. These CMS are almost similar, and you comfortably use any of them once you know how one works. Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and  WordPress are some of the most used CMS. Content management involves picking a suitable template, creating a page, adding images, and adding menus and tags. HTML and CSS are easy to learn and offer further knowledge on content management. According to Forbes, 25% of websites use WordPress. You will gain skills such as customizing a template, creating appealing pages, and troubleshooting problems that will be useful to your employer.

Design Software

Design skills give you a massive advantage over others since businesses lack a specialized design team. Most companies seek in-house marketing help for services such as making presentations, creating graphic content, and editing social media posts. Alternatively, you can use simple tools such as Canva to create visually appealing content if you lack design skills. Within a few hours of experimenting, you will have found the grasp of these tools as they are straightforward to use. Add this skill to improve your resume.



Any business with a website requires the services of an SEO expert to rank higher in search results. You will stand out from others with your improved resume if you become an SEO expert. Learn skills such as keyword optimization, optimizing content, and optimizing landing pages that are relevant to any business. If you don’t fancy learning deeper about SEO, you can find your feet with basic SEO practices.

Data Analysis

Some positions are tasked with collecting data and presenting them to higher ranked people. You require expertise in data analysis to spot business trends and looming dangers. Even if you are not tasked with carrying out the analysis, you should comfortably help those charged with doing the analysis.

Conclusion for Tech Education Opportunities

It is no brainer that technical skills are essential in landing a good job. While these skills might not always be necessary, they will be important when carrying out various work. If you have these skills in your repertoire, don’t forget to include them in your resume.

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