J Devlin Glass Art Has Unique Baptism Gifts

J Devlin Glass Art Has Unique Baptism Gifts

Baptism is a special occasion, and besides the celebration of birth itself is one of the earliest and most significant and important milestones to celebrate in the life of a child. Baptism celebrates the coming of a child into the arms of the church and the washing away of original sin, it is the first step towards a life lived in faith and is an important celebration for a family, for all involved.

For those reasons and more, you might want to seek out some original and creative, even personalized baptism gifts to offer a token to the child or a memorable keepsake for the family. Though the child himself or herself would be too young to make a memory of such an occasion, Baptism Gifts often become lasting, treasured keepsakes and reminders of the importance of love, faith, and family.

If you’re looking for original, high quality extra special baptism gifts that can be given with pride and honor and will make lasting heirlooms, and could even be held dear for life, then you might want to take a look at what J Devlin Glass Art can offer you.

Check out their Pic 430 Vertical EP617 Series Baptism Frame which incorporates a wonderful mix of elements to honor the child celebrating such an occasion. It comes with the words ‘Baptized in Christ’ and can be personalized with the name and baptism date central to the event. It also makes the most of a somewhat underscored presentation. It offers a mix of clear and tinted panels, some plain and some textured to offer a vibrant mix to the display. In addition, this frame is handsomely decorated with J Devlin Glass Art’s signature lead-free solder for an artisanal, unique look.

You might also be interested in their Pic 393-46H EP590 Baptism Frame, which offers a slightly different setting from the previous option. This frame offsets the photograph to the right, framing it in panels of textured glass handsome decorated with their solder scrollwork. To the left of the picture is a panel of clear glass that features the words “God bless,” with the name of the child “baptized” finished by the date. The entire frame is outlined by richly textured glass set in their solder work, and the piece makes a wonderfully personal gift to be given in commemoration of a baptism.

If you are interested in giving a gift but aren’t drawn to the idea of a picture frame, then consider one of J Devlin Glass Art’s many glass jewelry and trinket boxes. Many of these are designed and intended to be given as baptism gifts, for example, their Box 631 EB222 Baptism Box. This box can be personalized with the name of the child and the date on which the baptism occurred, and the top of the box is also handsomely decorated with an ornate frosted cross. Outlined in their gorgeous solder scrollwork and accented by a solder cross and textured glass sides, this box would make another amazing choice for someone to give as a baptism gift idea.

Perhaps the best thing about J Devlin Glass Art isn’t even their amazing collection of beautiful designs. It might just be their originality. You see, each and every piece of art you’ll find on their site was originally designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. In addition, all of their pieces that are made with stained glass are made with the real thing – Tiffany method stained glass that will never fade. As if you needed more reason to find handcrafted, high-quality baptism gifts on their site, keep in mind that all orders from their site ship free, too. Visit JDevlinGlassArt.com today and find something nice for someone special in your life, and maybe for yourself as well.

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