How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand and Drive Sales

Today, more than Instagram has more than 500 million-plus users who regularly check their feeds. If you compare Instagram with Facebook, the overall engagement rate is 58% higher in Insta. An estimated 40 percent of U.S. businesses use Instagram, and more than 60 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram. Where we are going at with these numbers?

Well, we just want to say that Instagram can do magic for your business! Want to know how? Well, we, as one of the best social media marketing agency compiled some tips to help you gain extraordinary leads from Instagram. Follow these steps and you will see exceptional revenue growth.

Create your business profile add info: Your profile won’t do anything well. If you want to promote your business through Instagram, first, build a different profile and create a separate identity. While you create your profile, do not forget to add relevant information to your profile. Pick your Instagram account name very carefully so your followers can easily recognize it. Do not forget to share the link of your website or homepage in the bio to get traffic directly.

Optimize your images: Instagram- the social media giant gets millions of image/ video uploads every single day. To stand out, you have to take a unique approach. Instagram automatically makes your photo square; you have to simply crop it professionally so that it can grab your audiences’ attention and they engage with you. While you upload your images, make sure to upload only high-quality images with eye-catching contents.

Don’t post intense sales speech: If you are using your business account to simply improve the sales graph, you are not in the right place! Instead of pushing strong sales speech, a professional and best social media marketing agency will advise creating a post that will be shared by your followers. People who follow you, know what you do, so why do you have to push sales speech every single time? It is a more reasonable and ethical practice to get more people to love you.

Make a Hashtag: A relevant hashtag has always been great for your business. A hashtag is a great way to boost your online exposure and it does work well. You can make use of trending hashtags or you have the flexibility to create your own. While you create a hashtag, make sure it does align with your brand. If you are using other hashtags, make sure to create content which matches the tags. Don’t just put the tag in the content blindly.

Grow Your Followers: Unlike Facebook, Instagram feed changes very fast and your post gets buried soon. Use hashtags to boost the freshness and life of your posts. This increases your discoverability with the communities linked by such keywords. You are more likely to be visible for slightly longer.

Analyse competitors’ followers: Keep a sharp eye on your competitors’ followers. Spent some time and go through their profile to understand what they like and what they want. Use the information and build something which they will love to draw them towards you. Sounds bad practice? Well, it’s kind of, but your competitors are already doing it! If you do not know how to evaluate your competitors’ followers, you can take help from the best digital marketing agency in Delhi as well.

That’s all, what you need to promote your brand on Instagram and drive sales. As a business administrator, you should recognize the power of Instagram or other social media marketing and utilize it accordingly to get more positive results. This is one of the simplest ways to get engaged with your prospects, you just need to know how to use it. And if you do not have any social media management, you always have the flexibility to choose the best social media marketing agency to do the job for you.

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