SR-22 in California: Auto Insurance After a Setback

SR-22 in California: Auto Insurance After a Setback

The SR -22 insurance in California is also called the certificate of insurance as it is vehicle liability insurance or a financial responsibility filing. The DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles generally require this certification for ‘high-risk insurance policies.

If your car is uninsured and has an accident or you have been in a violation of traffic-related offenses, you may have to furnish an SR-22 to the DMV. Only upon production of this certificate can you reinstate your driving privileges. You need an SR-22 valid for three years for driving without valid insurance and a validity of 5 years for a DUI charge. SR-22 gets canceled if the insurance policy with the SR-22 gets canceled for non-payment of premium or lapse of the insurance policy. Usually, it takes about 30 days for the department of the motor vehicle to send a suspension of driver’s license to the customer and license can be reinstated with a new sr22 form with additional depts fee.

Which states use SR-22 forms?

Some of the states may be open to accepting an SR-22 instead of a cash or security as the proof that guarantees financial responsibility. SR-22is not an insurance policy but a filing or an addition to the personal vehicle liability insurance policy you hold. You have to look for auto insurance near you that offers the SR-22 insurance, as not all companies offer it.

The states that do not use the SR-22 forms are Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Delaware. SR-22 can be confusing as it is not very common. You are notified by the state itself that you require to file SR-22 insurance. Once you approach an auto insurance firm to file SR-22 insurance they will submit the same to the state electronically. It does take some time to update, so do not worry.

The insurance carrier will provide you with a certificate of the SR-22 insurance as soon as you file it. Most state DMV’s do not accept the paper certificate. It only accepts the electronically filed certification sent by the insurance company. You get a certain time period to file SR-22 once the state mandates its requirement. Your license may be canceled if you do not file the same within the specified deadline. If your license is revoked you may need to pay a heavy reinstatement fee and wait for 72 hours before your license is reinstated.

The state may mandate SR-22 for a timeline of 1-3 years. You need to pay annually for the certification. Any insurance contract lasts for a year. As the SR-22 is not an automobile policy but a filing along with an auto insurance policy. Vehicle insurance has to be separate. A non-owner’s auto insurance is liability insurance that helps the driver enjoy liability insurance against bodily harm and property damage. The vehicle itself must be duly insured by its owner.

What happens if your monthly SR-22 lapses?

If you fail to pay your SR-22 insurance monthly premium and allowing it to lapse may mean immediate cancellation of your driving license. You must wait for the state to verify that your SR-22 is valid before you try to drive. As the certification does not have an insurance value, it remains an addition to the general auto-insurance and notifies the state about the status of any insurance cover your vehicle carries, lapses and cancellations. You will be notified immediately once you are safe to drive.

The state mails a notice to you once you do not require SR-22 certification. Your insurance company is also notified about the same. You can renew your SR-22 on a monthly or yearly basis. The renewal of the SR-22 certification is very affordable. You only need to pay about $22 monthly for you if you hold favorable conditions. That is a small price to pay!

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