Safety Measures to Consider While Using Insulation Blankets

Safety Measures to Consider While Using Insulation Blankets

Whether it is an oven, furnace, heat boilers, kins, or high heat-generating machines, the power industries have to take extreme safety measures to avoid any accidental damage. Factories and manufacturing units have to address such measures by various means. One such beneficial product is a furnace insulation blanket made out of ceramic. The ceramic fibers are used as insulation materials to withstand the heat temperature of the furnace.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic fiber is a kind of fibrous lightweight heat resistant material. It has the advantages of being lightweight, heat resistance, good thermal stability, low specific heat, mechanical vibration resistance, and low thermal conductivity. It is majorly used in machinery, chemical industry, power industry, petroleum, ceramics, and others. Recently, ceramic fibers that are more energy-efficient to a degree than traditional refractory materials such as insulating bricks have been used more. The results that it generates are very promising. In the market, the furnace insulation blanket is available in different densities, widths and thicknesses for your suitability.


· Easy to wrap: Ceramic fiber blanket is easy to mould in any shape. It can also be cut further.
· Excellent resistance to heat: It has an exceptional heat handling strength to avoid any heat-shocks or exhaustion. The basic temperature rating is 1260o Celsius.
· Lightweight: its standard thickness ranges anywhere between 0.5” to 2”. However, there are customized thickness options available if you need it differently.
· Easy installation: As it is lightweight in nature, installing the blankets is quite easy and convenient.
· Flexibility and elasticity: It is needless to say that ceramic blankets are best in terms of flexibility and has remarkable elasticity.

Its lightweight, thermal-shock resistance, and strength make it useful in a large number of industries.

Steps of Safety

Ceramic fiber blankets tend to be extremely sharp and have the potential to affect our health. It is important to follow safety measures to prevent skin irritation and respiratory discomfort while handling Ceramic fibers:

· Keep the area clean to prevent congestion of debris on the flooring
· Avoid smoking near it to avoid any kind of damage
· Wash the exposed skin with clean water and soap to stop potential skin irritation
· Use high-quality air purifiers to remove dust components
· Make sure you have eye-protection at all times

Proper accumulation of resources and correct practices will ensure high-quality work as well as prevention from any hazards. You can purchase the ceramic fibers according to your specific requirements. Handle all kinds of refractory materials with utmost precision and care. You can protect yourself and those working around the boilers and furnaces from any kind of damage if monitored and controlled carefully. Finally, industries are adapting appropriate measure and encourage other manufacturers to do the same because health and life come first.

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