Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP Solution

When it comes to business solutions, Microsoft is a prominent name. Microsoft Dynamics AX has also earned popularity as an effective ERP solution. However, it is also to be understood that there are other ERP solutions in the market to serve clients in the same genre. Thus, one may wonder which one to choose, considering the ultimate benefits. Here we will compare Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions with other ERP solutions and try to arrive at a conclusion.

Comparing Microsoft Dynamics AX with other ERP solutions in the market:

As an ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides advanced features for eight modules of a business management suite. Each of these modules consists of a large number of features and functionalities. Here we will discuss how far Microsoft Dynamics AX is able to support those features. We will compare its competency with that of the other available ERP solutions in the industry.

  1. Finance: the features and functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions cover up to 96 percent of financial management requirements. Compared to its competitors who cover only 90 percent of these features, Dynamics AX remains a step ahead. Thereby, it always gets a modest advantage.
  2. Human resource: the business solution covers 84 percent of the features and functions when it comes to the human resource module of business. When it comes to their competitors, they only cover about 70 percent of the features. Thus, they always get a remarkable upper hand over the other ERP solutions. If you are looking for an effective solution in this module, you may consider Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions. However, there are certain competitors who even cover 100 percent of the features.
  3. Manufacturing management: in terms of manufacturing management of a business module, Microsoft Dynamics AX supports 95 percent of its features; while it’s best if the competitors to cover 84 percent of the functionalities on average. Therefore, Microsoft always remains at an advantage.
  4. Inventory management: Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions support 95 percent of the inventory management functionalities which is slightly more than its average competitors that cover up to 86 percent of the functionalities. Even though it remains at an advantage over most of its competitors, there are ERP solutions in the market that covers up to cent percent of the features.
  5. Purchasing management: this module is a strong point for Microsoft Dynamics AX as the solution, with the help of Dynamics AX partners, supports 99 percent of the features and functionalities of the purchasing management module. Even though the competitors remain as close as 91 percent, it experiences a decent amount of advantage.
  6. Quality management: while the other ERP solutions in the market cover up to 82 percent of the features and functionalities of quality management; Dynamics AX supports 98 percent of the features of the module. Thus, Dynamics AX along with the Dynamics AX partners remains at a considerable advantage from its competitors.
  7. Sales management: in the sales management department, Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions remain ahead by 7 percent, from its industry competitors, with 97 percent coverage of the module features. It may seem minimal, but it gives Microsoft a considerable amount of advantage in the market and also helps the Dynamics AX partners to gain more clients.
  8. Product Technology: Dynamics AX supports the features and functionalities of this module of a business by 88 percent. The competitors of Microsoft in the market, on the other hand, only cover about 66 percent of the features. Thus, the Microsoft Dynamics package remains at a remarkable advantage.

Thus, we can conclude that even though, Microsoft Dynamics AX is not the ultimate best, in terms of performance, across all the modules; it does serve the clients with an average upper hand over the others. When it comes to reliability, scalability, and speed, Microsoft had always been the first choice of industry professionals. Thereby, it is safe to conclude that clients intending to derive the optimum efficiency from their ERP system may go for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

When it comes to its implementations, the Dynamics AX partners deserve special mention, as they not only support their clients through demo, implementation, and integration but also provide them with many special services. Thus, as a user, you may hire a reputed implementation partner and enjoy the best of Dynamics AX features.


This article compares Microsoft Dynamics AX with other ERP solutions in the market and highlights its competency. It intends to inform the readers about the margin by which Microsoft surpasses its competitors in efficiency and skill.

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