Some Points To Ponder For Getting Larger Customer Base

Some Points To Ponder For Getting Larger Customer Base

Doing a business is not so easy in this digital age. Competition is cut-throat, and the chances of winning and making a difference are insurmountable.

Information is free for all, and its relevance is questionable.

The reason to earn a competitive edge is much, but the means and manner are meagre. And one of the ways to make good revenues is through retaining the present customers over some time.

This time when the number of companies, especially in the FMC by G sector is growing day by day, the chances of losing customers due to competition are quite high.

Coming to know of customer’s priorities, overall market, adding affordability factor in costing, add on benefits will only lead to higher customer retention rates.

The Importance of Getting Customer Retention Rates Higher is The Fact That They Add To The

  • Reputation and market standing factor;
  • Years of loyalty converted into good products and services;
  • Feedback from customers can bring forth customized product and service offerings to become a game changer;
  • Customer engagement can lead to better deliverability and innovative products launch; and
  • Getting ahead of competitors becomes easy with the help of studying and taking the help of customers in terms of market survey.

Must Know Points For Customer Retention

For a startup, thinking from customers, these points can improve the serviceability of business and better sales:


The success of anything and everything these days is research and coming to know of various things and aspects.

By researching and coming to know about the likes, dislikes, preferences, and salability of things, many untoward losses and failures can be avoided.

Utilising giving for free samples of products or rendering new services free can give much idea about what the general masses want and what instead they would prefer.

Through proper research, one can even come to know of the moves of the competitors and make a well-informed decision.

The business can change its decisions to grow at par with that of the competitors. It may even bring revolutionary changes in the system.

Careful studying as to why a person likes, and how one brand differs from the other in terms of quality, quantity, features will lead to right future decisions.

Also, known as market study and preparation of the feasibility report, this step in coming to know of the prospective customers is invaluable.


Another factor coming into a trend is making goods and services, highly bespoke and tailor-made to suit the likes and preferences of people.

Very upcoming, the idea of searching for customer’s preferences and incorporating the same in the production of goods and services is not only novel but is also rewarding.

For instance, in the case of food making companies, giving an authentic taste of food just like native foods in an affordable costing can do wonders for the business.

Every region and every market has got its taste and likes depending on tradition, culture, and language.

And leveraging this factor in producing goods and services is only profitable.

Another example, most of the dresses and clothes, especially for ladies in the form of designer wear, are tailor-made clothing solutions to exhibit one’s likes.


Going digital is the best solution for anything these days and which better way than through a website.

An excellent user-friendly website having listed a catalogue of goods and service offerings will get a higher number of per page click views.

If it’s an old website, then, efforts in the front of search engine optimization (SEO) would be constructive.

SEO efforts will change the visibility and appearance of the website and lead to a higher ranking for the company.

The retention rate of customers using the upgraded website will also be more substantial and turnover much higher than earlier earnings.

 A website which is comparatively better in:

  • Appearance than peers of the industry,
  • Neat and convenient listing of catalog of products and services
  • Along with price competitiveness factor and
  • Selling standardized quality of goods and services

These factors will enable us to have the broad market reach and better sales for the company.

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