How to Identify the Best Business Coach?

How to Identify the Best Business Coach?

According to the Shamir Kumar Nandy, entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses through the help of business coach. This is because many businesses are understanding the advantages of investing in the development of their organization and leadership.

“Finding the best business coach for your pocketbook and needs helps in the growth of your business,” says Shamir Kumar Nandi.

A good business coach must be experienced and their skills must fit the context of your business. A business coach challenges executives to develop their strengths, identify and work on their weaknesses and help encourage them to grow as individuals.

Characteristics of the Best Business Coaches

1. Experience

It is best to get someone who is experienced in that line of business and has also made the journey to success.

2. Accountable

A good business coach must be able to create a plan and make you hold on to the plan to move forward.

3. Unwavering

A good business coach will always stand by their decisions, they won’t beat around the bush just to make you happy. They will hold on to the principles that made them successful and will develop you in the same manner not minding to lose you as a client in the process.

4. Good Communicators

Business coaches effectively know how to recap information to reinforce it. They build relationships skillfully.

Importance of a Business Coach

Without a mentor and accountability partner, CEOs, founders and executives found themselves eating the ceiling of what they can achieve. Business coaches help develop leaders while leaders help develop a team.

With an experienced and successful business coach, you stand to gain:

A great self-awareness and mindset.

There will be increased individual performance, confidence and productivity.

Self skills and decision making become well developed.

Exposure to what success looks like and the steps to achieve 

List of business coaching services

Here, Shamir Kumar Nandy provides best business coaching services that can skyrocket your business to greater heights in 2021.

1. EMyth

Good for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This type of coaching program gives a comprehensive system that helps you build your business. It also gives your business freedom and contacts predictable results. They do not only foster the growth of your business but they also help you grow as a leader.

2. Building Champions

They are best for small business owners, managers and teams. They help to organize workshops, inspire and access the team, which brings about effective team communication.

3. Jay Abraham

This is also a great option for small business owners and marketers. They help balance the curriculum base approach with situational coaching. The first step to getting to chat with Abraham is to learn his curriculum, there and then advise and helpful frameworks will be given.

4. Vanguard Business Coaching

A great business service for startups, entrepreneurs and marketers. In this type of coaching a form is filled and you can be assured that within 45 minutes of conversation, a minimum of $10,000 will be added to your business. How is this done? They make use of different strategies and tools to market your business.

5. Melinda Emerson

This one is for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. This coach has helped some of the biggest business brands around. Her services include global SMB insight, engaging strategies for women business owners on market execution.

6. Strategic Coach

Ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are of two types, the strategic coach signature program and the 10x ambition program. They both offer opportunities to strategies what’s most vital to your business. They then leave you with concrete steps and actions to grow your company sustainably.

7. Anthony John Amyx

This is perfect for salespeople, business professionals and managers that are looking for how to grow to the next level of their careers. Anthony John helps professionals to break through their earning caps and take control of their time.

8. Leadership and Sales Academy

They are best for managers, executives and sales leaders. They allow you to work with one of their qualified coaches so as to build the right team. They make your team more productive and coach them on how to exceed their goals.

9. Erin Henry

A great option for female entrepreneurs. Erin Henry is a personal branding strategist and always passionate about helping women to build a business they love.


From the list above, you can get the best coach. Shamir Kumar Nandy says getting a good business coach might take some self-discipline and time. A good rule of thumb is to get one that suits your type of business.

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