What Makes Custom Rigid Boxes a Perfect Product Packaging Solution?

What Makes Custom Rigid Boxes a Perfect Product Packaging Solution?

When it comes to upscale packaging and branding, custom rigid boxes take the cake away. The elegant packaging solution makes the customers excited to receive their purchase and unbox the contents if done right.

The paperboard-based boxes offer high structural integrity that keeps your products well-protected throughout their journey and gives customers an upscale feel about their purchase. So, whether you are encasing jewelry, electronics, or heavy items, custom rigid box packaging is worth your money. Moreover, these boxes can be tailored to meet your particular needs—from printing on the outside and inside the box to using various add-ons such as foil stamping designs, debossing or embossing your logo, and more.

What are Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale Packages?

Rigid product boxes are also referred to as rigid set up boxes or gift boxes. Typically, custom rigid boxes wholesale supply is carved out of thick and sturdy cardboard material. As a result, these boxes are rigid in nature and do not require you to assemble them on the spot since they come pre-assembled. That said, they can also be produced in collapsible form if you want to store and transport them more conveniently.  

An Excellent Alternative to Plastic Packaging

Paper-based packaging is an excellent alternative to plastic encasings. The packaging material is made of post-consumer content, which makes it 100 percent recyclable. Legacy Printing explicitly uses this material to manufacture custom rigid boxes for its eco-conscious clients striving hard to protect mother nature. 

Various Types of Custom Rigid Box Packaging

Custom rigid box packaging is developed in various shapes and forms to suit the products one needs to encase. Among all the most commonly used type of rigid box is the one that comes with a separate lid and base. Other types of packaging include foldable rigid boxes, magnetic rigid boxes, or shoulder rigid. Depending on the type of rigid box you choose and the items you need to enclose, you can also leverage tailor-made inserts to keep the products in their place inside the box.  

Essential Things to Keep in Mind 

Don’t overlook the functionality of your custom rigid boxes. Ask for the Free quote to determine the costs and budgets for the packaging. Mind you, rigid packaging is more upscale than a standard mailer box or folding carton, so don’t forget to consider this when devising a budget for packaging.  

If you have a limited budget to work with and a premium and rigid feel are what you long for, then opt for the foldable rigid boxes. Though these are not as sturdy as the standard rigid, they are robust and can be shipped flat to the customers, making them a cheaper option for shipping.   

Spectacular Rigid Box Design 

A well-designed rigid box can greatly improve your customers’ unboxing experience that keeps your brand on top of the customer’s mind. And if your customers find it pleasing enough, they are pretty likely to share the box pictures together with the product, which will increase your brand awareness over the internet. As a matter of fact, 61 percent of the buyers avowed during a survey that they won’t mind purchasing a product over and over again if it arrived in luxurious packaging. 

With these pointers in mind, now you can produce your custom rigid boxes. Additionally, you can seek help from Legacy Printing to design your packaging. With free artwork services, turn your dream box into reality in a quick time frame. That too, without losing an arm and a leg since the prices are pretty nominal.   

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