Can You Claim Compensation If You Get Covid-19 At Work?

Can You Claim Compensation If You Get Covid-19 At Work?

Employees can claim compensation for covid-19 if their workplace is not safe for them. As it’s the duty of the employer to look after their employees. After taking proper precautions if they are still at risk employers should provide them with cheap personal injury lawyers protective equipment (PPE). Necessary training should be provided for the use of PPE. If used incorrectly it can be a cause of risk for you and those around you. Before the outbreak of the virus many lawyers had to deal with injury claims at work places. But now there are more legal issues which employers would have to deal with to continue working as usual. Making the workplace safe is not easy but employers have to look at ways to make it safer for their employees to protect them. But when your’ working area isn’t safe you can claim compensation based on the following factors:

PPE Wasn’t Provided

Compensation can be claimed after getting affected by any illness or injury which could have been stopped by PPE. Employers could be claimed for not providing proper washing facilities and no way to maintain social distancing. Employers won’t be able to defend themselves with an excuse that PPE wasn’t available due to being highly requested or supplied.

Un-Safe Employment

Those who have direct contact with the public are more at risk in getting infected by covid-19. Those include grocery store employee, police, frontline medical workers who can come in contact with infections, sneezes & infected surfaces daily. If their employer supports their claim the employee can easily get compensation for it.

Work That Requires Travelling

There are many jobs that require their employees to travel abroad from which they can get exposed to covid-19. After it is evident that you got infected by performing your assigned duties that involved job related travel. You need to provide medical reports that show you’re infected due to your work duties then you can claim compensation.

Federal Workers

Federal workers who get affected by covid-19 can claim for compensation. Thousands of federal employees claimed that they contracted corona virus at work. Many have died while performing their duties. Federal workers are compensated if their jobs are highly risky. If it’s not then you have to provide evidence of how long have you been exposed. This also means you have to describe your job duties. Your employer will also have to provide evidence.

The two main factors for claiming compensation are number one describing how you were exposed to covid-19 at your work. Secondly, you have to provide medical evidence that you had contracted it from your work place or due to your work duties.

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