Are Influencers the Best of Social Media for Businesses

Are Influencers the Best of Social Media for Businesses

Social media has been dominating our lives for the past decade. It has ingrained itself in our lives so much so that we cannot survive an hour without scrolling through Instagram or tweeting on Twitter.

We do not start eating at a restaurant until the perfect snap has been captured to post on Snapchat.

We cannot listen to a live band or a rock concert until we have not gone live during the highpoints of the show.

We do not feel accomplished from purchase until we have posted a string of stories on Facebook raving about it.

Even when we acquire secured loans for bad credit, we have to tweet about it to let people how great they are as financial aid.

When we, the common folk, post about it, we do it because we like to and we can. So, when we post about something, it may not have as significant an impact as opposed to a social media influencer.

Let us find why.

Social Media Influencer

Social media dominate our world, and influencers dominate social media.

These are people who have a massive following on social media, which admires them beyond belief. Anything that the influencer does and posts becomes a trend and a hashtag on Instagram.

For instance,

If an influencer posted a no makeup, an au natural selfie, the majority of his or her following would start doing the same.

If an influencer posted a gym picture, his followers would start doing the same.

If an influencer posts a social message that deserves to be heard and shared, his followers will do it.

As a result, these people are casting a spell over their audience and influencing them to follow what they love to do.

The influencers are celebrities. Their celebrity status augments with their follower count. It would help if you also remember that already established personalities are also influencers.

Some with hundreds and thousands of followers will not be as popular or liked as someone with a couple of million in their corner.

In illustration,

Emma Watson has about 57 million followers on Instagram. When she posted pictures about the “Black Lives Matter” campaign demanding justice for George Floyd, her message would have been heard by the 57 million people she posted to and compelled them to raise their voice as well, because she is.

That is the kind of 3persuasion power a social media influencer can have.

Influencer’s and Business

How does a business come to play with social media influencers?

Can a business benefit from it?

These two questions are continually running through the mind of a businessman. So, let me shed some light on their answers.

Like we have already established, social media stars can help a social movement gain enough momentum to bring a change.

On a lighter note, social media can also help a business get the attention it needs to make its sales figure as substantial as it wants.

A social media influencer can make or break a product with just a single post; that is how powerful they are.

The Positive Example

Kylie Jenner is an Instagram sensation, with over 179 million followers. Months ago, she posted a picture with a bottle of Teami Blends, a brand that claims to promote healthy living.

Her post came about four months after her daughter was born. The captain she added to the posted said that the tea’s 30-day program helped her lose weight. She was still on day 7 and could feel the change.

Her body has the perfect shape without an ounce of fat in it. So, it was evident that people would want in on her secret diet.

The Teami Blends detox tea’s sales shot up like a firecracker in the sky, and they made a considerable profit from the single post that an influencer like Kylie Jenner made once.

The company is still remembered by many, even if the tea wasn’t as effective it claimed to be.

The Downside

However, there are a couple of reasons that make it unsavory for some.

  • Expensive Affair

One is the fact that influencers who have a massive following generally tend to extremely expensive. Kylie Jenner supposedly charges over a million dollars for a single post.

It may require you to get bad credit loans with no guarantor, although not all of them are this unaffordable.

  • Falling Apart

Sometimes brands and influencers cannot work together for long due to varying differences in approach. This beef often gets publicised on social media, and the brand develops a negative image.

The Two-Faced and Nikkie Tutorials beef is still something people talk about.

Winding Up

Social media, in itself, is an excellent platform for businesses. However, when you incorporate influencer’s and all their potential, you are bound to experience acceleration in your sales and consequently your profits.

So you tell me, are the influencers’ route not the best part of social media practice for a business, be it small or big?

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