Top Technologies that can Improve the SEO Ranking of a Magento Store

Top Technologies that can Improve the SEO Ranking of a Magento Store

Magento is one of the most unique and versatile eCommerce platforms available in the market. With its open-source codebase and amazing community support, this platform is a perfect destination for merchants with scalable and out of the box businesses.

Further, this platform is highly customizable and receives regular updates as well for improving the website management process. Also, its business-specific plans aid this platform in catering to businesses of multiple sizes. Hence, we can conclude that Magento is a perfect platform for businesses with scalability and flexibility requirements.

Also, Magento offers a number of technical solutions for merchants to ace their SEO goals with ease. These solutions can easily be applied by Hiring a Magento 2 developer. However, to apply these solutions successfully, merchants must examine their websites thoroughly and understand their business’s requirements deeply as well. Moreover, they must also be aware of their budget and expectations. With this article, today we will discuss these unique technical solutions available for Magento merchants in detail to gain a better understanding about them.

Technical solutions for Improving SEO ranking

SEO plays a key role in making a business successful and visible. Without proper implementation of SEO practices, merchants might end up with an eCommerce store that is not visible to their target audience, which can affect the site ranking, traffic, and sales. So adapting to proper SEO practices and using technologies that would make the eCommerce store SEO friendly and appealing to users is a must. Below is a list of few amazing technologies that can aid Magento merchants in improving their website’s SEO ranking easily:

PWA Apps

Progressive web apps allow merchants to make their eCommerce stores mobile friendly and provide buyers visiting through mobile an app-like experience without creating a mobile app. As a result, PWA serves as a budget-friendly alternative to mobile apps for businesses with a limited budget.

With Magento, this can be achieved very easily as in Magento platform merchants can access Magento PWA Studio for creating unique and out of the box PWA apps. The PWA studio contains amazing and useful libraries for creating Progressive web apps for the Magento website.

From an SEO point of view, this can be a very beneficial process since a mobile-friendly website automatically ranks higher and have lower bounce rates than a traditional eCommerce website.

Headless website

As the name suggests, by adapting to the Headless concept merchants can easily use the backend of the Magento eCommerce platform while independently creating a suitable storefront for their online store. This allows Magento merchants to have a greater control over their storefront and the way they represent their business to their audiences. Both frontend and Backend in the headless architecture are independent units that coordinate via APIs.

Further, by choosing the correct technology for creating storefront a merchant can easily improve their store’s performance and make it lightweight. This, as a result, can aid the merchants in improving their user’s experience and site ranking as well.

To Wrap Up:

Magento is one of the most flexible and customizable platforms available in the market. And with regular updates, it continues to open up new gateways of personalization and improvisation for merchants with scalable businesses. As a result, by adapting to Magento, a merchant can easily open up the gateways for higher profits and sales.

So, if you are planning to have an online store that would make your business easily visible to your target audience and improve your brand image, adapt to the technical improvisation mentioned above to increase your site’s traffic and sales without any hassles.

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