4 Easy and Elegant Ways to Style Your Long Pendant Necklace

4 Easy and Elegant Ways to Style Your Long Pendant Necklace

A long pendant necklace can be a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe, no matter if you have a casual personal style or it is chic and more feminine. But when you shop for such a necklace, whether it is an amethyst buddha pendant necklace or a brass Nepal pendant necklace, do you put sufficient thought into how you will wear it? Because if you don’t, chances are the necklace will end up collecting dust in some corner of your jewelry drawer. Moreover, pairing piece with the wrong outfit will not only ruin the whole look but also take away from the beauty of the piece itself. While choosing how to wear your necklace is, at the end of the day, your own decision, we have made a list of a few easy ways in which you can style it:

1. Embrace the bohemian aesthetic

Pendant necklaces and bohemian fashion go hand in hand. You can effortlessly pair your favorite long pendant necklace with an outfit that boasts of a bohemian aesthetic for a classic look. A flowy dress with a pair of boots and maybe even a hat is the perfect ensemble that you can add the finishing touch with your necklace.

2. Add a pop of color to your workwear

Are you tired of the same black and grey suits that you are forced to wear to work every day? How about you give them a stylish twist? Accessorize your work look with a pendant necklace and watch it instantly transform into a more fashionable version. Keep the rest of the look simple with some heels and a handbag.

3. Dress up a casual outfit

We all have those days when we lose the will to put in any effort into picking out our clothes. It is on those days that long pendant necklaces can be a godsend. You can dress up even in your most casual t-shirt and jeans, but the moment you put on your necklace, your outfit will be elevated and it will look more polished and put together.

4. Upgrade your partywear

With the holiday season drawing close, we are sure you have a lot of parties lined up on your social calendar. Ditch the traditional dainty jewelry this year and take your partywear to the next level with your favorite long pendant necklace. Trust us, it will definitely turn a few heads.

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