Multicultural Winter Holiday Celebrations

Multicultural Winter Holiday Celebrations

Respecting the cultures and religions is a primary thing every religion teaches. On the very special occasion of Christmas, this thing comes out to be the important thing to teach the kids to respect the other religions, their norms, and traditions. My first exposure to a very different culture was in the Multicentral Holidays in Morocco. I learned to tolerate and enjoy a very different culture.

Teach your Kids, How to respect other Religions:

This Christmas is an opportunity to tell your kids how to respect and tolerate other beliefs and cultures. Here are some religions and their special events you should tell your kids about.

How Christmas Be Celebrated :

Christianity is a religion of peace and humanity. We the believer of Jesus have faith to care the humanity. Christmas brings us the message of love with each other and also with the people of other religions. I was in Morocco and it was my unlearning and then learning about the new traditions and culture of the place and people owe. I had to respect them being Christian, and of course, being a good traveler. In traveling, it is a primary thing to be cool on the things happening around in your Holiday destination. That learning attitude helped me to explore much of Morocco very easily and without any trouble.

Christmas Be Celebrated

Ramadan in Morocco:

Ramadan is a very special occasion that comes in the year span of Islamic Calendar. Muslims believe it to be the very special, blessed and sacred religious event to observe. The very primary thing in Ramadan is to tolerate things God has forbidden them from. For example, Muslims fast in that period and during all the day they don’t eat or drink anything. I had to travel and take care of their traditions like to be hungry and thirsty all day. Being a traveler and a non-Muslim, it was not bound on us to stop eating and drinking but this is an ethical thing that when in Rome, do as Romans do. I kept one fast with them and broke on their time with the Special Breakfasting event in the eve in Marrakech. That was fun.

I was first afraid of my trip in Ramadan but when I accepted that this is the final opportunity for the time and I had to manage it all anyway, I realized that there is no place on earth on which a traveler can’t enjoy. Fortunately, those were the last days of Ramadan and I was to attend the Eid Festival too. That’s like our Christmas. They celebrate their festivals.

Diwali in Fall:

Another Festival in Fall is about the Hindu religion. It is a very special event in the Hindu Community all over the world, they celebrate it so lively. I remember my last Diwali memories in London. We joined the Diwali event in central London and introduced by the traditions Hindu people observe in Diwali. Actually there is a belief in Hindus that in the eve of Diwali, cleaning and washing their homes and keeping their windows and doors open brings the Goddess of wealth in your home and it is positive. They make a lot of sweets and meals for a very special dinner that night. Hindu people also invite people from other religions to celebrate their events with them. I could see many Muslim families too.

Diwali in Fall

This Christmas, introduce your children with the basics of the Hindu culture which can lead them to respect the values Hindu community preserves. Remember, It is very important to bridge the gaps to dream for a peaceful world. And I’m happy, traveling has the capacity to bring such change in them. So if you are traveling to a place where the Diwali or any other special event of Hindu community is coming, don’t worry at all, just be ready and keep your kids informed to respect other cultures and be the part of their celebrations.

The Passover:

It includes in the very special events of the world, the Passover is an event in Jews they celebrate it like Muslims celebrate their Eid. To respect the Passover equally is very important for your kids to tell about. Jews Believe that this is a day when Prophet Mossis and his people escaped by the hostage of Parroah and God helped them to do so.

The Passover

This day, Jews make sweets at home and make a very special dinner, invite relatives and friends to celebrate the Cheers along. I find a very interesting thing in Morocco that, Muslim, Christian and Jew communities celebrate this event along. This was the best example of harmony I could witness there. It happens here in London too, people from all the races, believes and cultures live, celebrate the events together to embrace each other. Your duty on this Christmas is to train the young brains for future harmony purposes.

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