Surviving and Enjoying a Family Road Trip

Surviving and Enjoying a Family Road Trip

Going for a trip with your family you want to enjoy it. Nevertheless, spending much time with kids and relatives can be rather challenging. Hitting the road and spending long hours with children makes you nervous. That’s why it is better to plan your trip in a special way to make it pleasant for both, kids and parents. Do you think it is possible to enjoy the family road trip? We believe, yes, only if you know where to start.

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There must be a plan what you want to do during the trip. Your kids will bombard you with their questions “Are we there yet?” and you have to cope with it somehow. So, if you really want to make a family road trip your favorite adventure, you should start with picking a good place to visit and a perfect travel vehicle. Thus, going to Orlando, you’ll get more comfort if you take a car from Jeep rental in Orlando. Besides, Easirent gives you a good family SUV for 5 passengers for the affordable price at any place and direction. Sure enough, you can get a bigger car in case you have a bigger travel company. Remember, if you need a special car for weekend, it is better to rent it far before the trip so that you can sleep well and be sure you will get that particular car for your dates.


  1. Chill out!

There can be many organization problems on your way. You forgot to book a hotel beforehand or your reservation was lost. You forgot your sunglasses and sunscreens. Also, you forgot your kid’s favorite toy and now it’s time to stop and think where to buy a similar one. You may have even more travel problems but you shouldn’t become demoralized whatever happens.

  1. See and do more

Forget about that time when you traveled without kids. It’s different from what you have now. As a rule, you try to drive from one place to another in the fastest way to reach your hotel. Traveling with kids, you should never pass up a chance to stop the car and see something interesting. It can be anything that your kids are interested in. Forget about breaking speed records. Just slow down the car and keep your eyes open.

  1. Keep everything clean

Traveling with kids it is important to clean everything around. First of all, you have to clean the car before the trip. How? You can buy a special spray or wipes. Also, pack baby wipes in every door to use ASAP. Teach your kids to practice proper hygiene on family road trips.


  1. Pack your stuff properly

Everyone knows that packing is important. When you travel by car you can take as many goodies as you can to have them always at hand. But don’t forget to separate your kids and luggage zone. Put heavy luggage in the trunk as far back as possible. You don’t need these things during the trip. Put everything you may need on the go against a seat back. It is important to keep every row of passengers in your car up, even if you want to fold them down for more storage space. Don’t do that! When you are in crash even light luggage becomes dangerous.

  1. Make stops every 2-3 hours

Spending much time on the wheel is rather tiring for you and for your young passengers. Try to find a harmony. Make up a plan of your trip and all possible stops every 2 hours. Where to stop the car? Ask your kids what they want to see and to do according to your trip plan. Find some time for shopping, bathroom, and snacks. Also, you may stop the car at the park, museum, or any other roadside attraction to step back from driving.

  1. Check car seats

Double check the car seats before you start your trip. If you need a baby seat additionally, you should inform your rental company about it beforehand. Also, check the safety belts and child locks.

  1. Double check electronics

That’s great if your car contains the most advanced technologies. You may have big monitors at the back of the seat to watch videos and keep your kids busy. Don’t rely on electronics only. Pack a couple of books, comic books, board games, your kids’ favorite toys to diversify their travel time they spend in the car.

Relax and enjoy your time! Try to say YES even more often than usually. Don’t be afraid to stop the car at the roadside restaurant or spend some hours in the hotel pool. It’s ok to talk, explain, and draw your kids’ attention to everything around. Just make sure you are ready for a trip with kids. 

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