3 Reasons why Sailing in Croatia is the Perfect Vacation

3 Reasons why Sailing in Croatia is the Perfect Vacation

Why is Croatia such a hotcake when it comes to sailing? Why do thousands of people perennially set sail for the Balkan country year after year? Could it be that there’s more to it than meets the eye, or is it just that Croatia is simply as perfect as they come for a watery vacation? That forms today’s hot topic as we cast our microscope on the “Jewel of the Adriatic” to understand why people with the passion for the open sea are heading to the Dalmatian coast.

Dalmatian coast

1) More islands than you have time for!

How long would it take you to set foot on 1000 islands? Well, you’d certainly need a couple of years, and that’s precisely what Croatia puts on the table: a collection of so many beautiful islands that you’ll be overwhelmed with choices! If you aren’t quite sure where to start, we’ve picked out some nice candidates. Make time for Hvar, said to host Europe’s sunniest spot, and Vis, which is home to the eerie Biševo blue cave. For some quiet alone time in the company of scintillating nature and endless azure waters, be sure to sail by the islands of Rab or Mljet. Split is often touted as the best gateway to Croatia’s most famous archipelagos, so you may purpose to kick off your adventure there.

2) Favorable weather that smiles down on you!

The problem with most sailing destinations in the world is that they have drastically varying seasons. Take the Caribbean, for example; during summer, it’s as magical as can be with warm sunny days and gentle breezes to look forward to, but once winter arrives, it’s a whole different scenario involving relentless downpours and the looming threats of storms and tsunamis. Fortunately, life at the Adriatic isn’t as eventful, summer offers peaceful winds and a calm sea, while winter might be a little cold, but the weather In Croatia is still excellent for sailing, albeit for the occasional rainfall. If you’re looking for a less crowded sailing experience, the latter months of the year should suffice.

3) Amazing Mediterranean cuisine, history, and people!

History comes in no short supply in Croatia, with UNESCO treasures lying everywhere you go. In Split, which could be a perfect flagging off point, Diocletian Palace comes to mind while in Hvar, the Stari Grad Plains, cultivated by 4 the century Ionian Greeks, is a mind-blower, and so too is rustic Trogir town. When it comes to cuisine, Croatia is held in high regard in the world. Notable dishes include Istria’s famous Truffle-paired fuži, which you could sample at the Istrian restaurant Zigante, the fried Dalmatian dessert of fritula common around Riva harbor in Split, and traditional peak that encompasses octopus, veal, lamb or chicken and vegetables! As for the natives, they couldn’t be more charming and friendly!

Parting advice

If you’re thinking of a summer sail in Croatia, early preparation is key. The hot season, which lasts between June and August, is quite competitive, and you might need to secure a boat charter a month or two before the onset of summer. The same goes for hotel accommodation and flight reservations. However, you shouldn’t worry about any of these in winter.
It’s also important to note that you may land in one of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, or Split if you’re jetting in from outside Europe. The latter two often have return sailing charters, i.e., those that start and end at the same place, although you could opt for a one-way offer, which would be ideal if you, say, wanted to visit Dubrovnik from Split.

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