Must-Have Products When Travelling with a Toddler

Must-Have Products When Travelling with a Toddler

Motherhood is complete bliss. A mother’s lifestyle, daily routine, food habits, needs all are decided according to the requirement of the baby. But taking care of a baby is no easy task. Mothers, in general, face problems, to keep baby comfortable every time. Just imagine the efforts and alertness a mother has to put in to keep a baby comfortable during travel.

Nowadays, a lot of baby care products are available in the market, which not only comforts baby but also make it easy for mothers to handle babies as well. Still, it is good to keep a checklist ready for all the necessary products required by a mother when to travel with her baby. Here is a list of few basic things which new mothers should always keep when travelling with her baby.

1. Diapers

Diapers are very important for every mother of a toddler. They are on top of every mother’s essential requirement list. Diapers are the most hygienic and easy way of handling baby’s poop in public places and especially while travelling. According to the baby’s age and weight, various types of diapers are available in the market.

Nowadays pant style diapers are very in trend as it is easy to make them wear to baby and easy to dispose of as well. Due to diaper, babies usually suffer from rashes. But organic bamboo-based diapers and reusable cloth diapers are in trend which is safe on babies’ skin and does not cause rashes.

2. First Aid Kit

Mothers should always carry a baby’s first aid kit with them for any of the baby’s ache or illness. They should also discuss medications with the baby’s pediatrician before giving those to the baby.

First aid kit for a baby should include infant toothbrush, nail clippers, small scissors, cotton balls, baby comb, baby thermometer, medicine dropper, bulb syringe, petroleum jelly, sterile gauze, and saline nasal drops. You should also carry baby gas medicine, infant acetaminophen (safe after 12 weeks), and antibiotic cream (safe for ages 2+). Except for medications these kinds of kits are available on various online sites like firstcry.

3. Milk Bottles And Feeding Pumps

Generally, every baby has their own time of sleeping, waking up, and having a feed. But still, it is necessary to keep milk bottles, ready to feed. Nowadays diaper bags too, have bottles containers which keep the milk in them warm as well.

If your baby is below 6 months, it is important to keep the breast pump as it helps you to feed your baby without facing any public breastfeeding issues or hustles. On firstcry, you can easily find a breast pump. Different firstcry coupons are also available for buying them.

4. Baby Essential Kit

Like a baby’s first aid kit, baby’s utility kit is also important to carry with you. It includes all the essential daily routine stuff of baby like baby wash, baby powder, rash cream, mosquito repellent patches, etc.

If it is a travel of more than a day, baby shampoo, baby moisturizer, baby hair oil, and baby massage oil are also important to carry. Online stores mostly have offers on childcare products. Mothers can see and buy according to their baby’s needs.

5. Extra Clothes And Shoes

Babies make their clothes dirty very quickly. It is always necessary to carry an extra pair of clothes and shoes for them when you travel with them. On online baby product stores, very cute and comfortable dresses and shoes are available.

6. Carrier Bags

Carriers bags are really in trend. To carry a baby with you when on travel, sometimes can be problematic and full of hustles. When the baby grows, their weight increases and parents cannot always carry them in their arms.

On crowded places, there are chances of babies to get hurt or get misplaced. Caring your baby in a carrier bag is a safe, convenient and hustle free option for these problems, especially when you travel.

A list of products required by babies cannot just end with this small list. But the products mentioned above are the foremost basic and essential. You can easily find products for babies and mothers in online stores, and Paytm coupons can also be applied while purchasing them. Every mother should carry at least these products with her for and stress-free travel for them and their baby.

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