Best Croatia Vacation Ideas

Best Croatia Vacation Ideas

If you’re looking for a great vacation, adventure, and history lesson all rolled into one, plan your next trip to often-overlooked Croatia.

From the streets of busy Zagreb to the picturesque waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for culture and historical value in old town Zagreb, or a disco night on the beach in Hvar Town, Croatia is an ideal destination for every type of traveler.

Want some ideas to make the best of your trip to this amazing and diverse country? Here are three places you can’t miss during your visit to this amazing Adriatic country.

Dolac Market

Dolac Market

Serving the Zagreb from a raised square near the town center, Dolac Market has been around for about 80 years. Here you can mingle with locals and expats alike as you shop for fish, meats, cheese, and local fruits and vegetables. The lower part of the market houses permanent shops where most of the butchers and cheesemongers can be found.

The market operates until 3 pm, but it’s best to go before 1 pm to make sure you don’t miss the best fresh items.

Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian’s Palace

In the city of Split on the Adriatic coast, you’ll find a lot to do. Split is home to over 200,000 people, so it offers all the amenities you’d expect from any other full-sized city.

At the center of the historic old town lies the ruin of a palace built for Roman Emperor Diocletian after he abdicated the throne in the 4th century. The shops and streets of old town Split are intertwined with the palace in some places, and you can take paid tours to see the deeper parts of the ruin.

After touring the ruins, stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the sun sparkling on the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

From Split, it’s possible to take ferry-boats to many of the islands lying just off the coast. Exploring the islands of Croatia is one of the most rewarding experiences to be found in Southern Europe. Just across the sea from Italy, Croatia’s coastal riviera is a budget-friendly rival to any of the more touristy areas to the West.

Hvar Island

Hvar Island

Speaking of budget-friendly, the island of Hvar sports beautiful arid hillside paths and cobblestone-laden old town streets. In Croatia property rentals are an affordable way to spend an extended time in one place. A week-long apartment rental in Hvar Town, for example, often costs the same as a single night in a top hotel across the Adriatic in Italy.

During the day Hvar is a beautiful and peaceful island with plenty of relaxing beaches and scenic views. At night, though, there are parties, fashion shows, and cultural entertainment available throughout the island.

Hvar island is just about an hour from Split by ferry-boat. That makes it a great side-trip during an extended adventure in Croatia.

If the sights and sounds of Southern Europe are calling to you, but you want to travel on a budget, Croatia has everything you could want. Book your next vacation to this wonderful country on the Adriatic coast.

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