7 Tools To Open And View Any File

7 Tools To Open And View Any File

Do you have thousands of files logged up on your computer or mobile phones? There may be some files that can’t be opened by a normal file explorer. They require special tools, and here you’ll see some tools that can open any file.

There are many files with common extensions like .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .png, .mp3, .mp4, any many more. But some important and complex files have extensions such as .avi, .zip, .rar, .bmp, .rtf, .mkv, .psd, etc.

A normal explorer doesn’t have the programming to open these types of files. Your computer or mobile phone will look for apps in respective stores to open particular files. 

But you can’t just keep on downloading software for every different file you receive. It will create a burden on your PC’s and phone’s memory. 

Some tools help to open and view almost all the types of files you have. In this article, you’ll look at 7 of such software.

Free Opener

The free opener has the most straightforward and most friendly user interface. This software helps you in opening almost all types of files in daily life.

When you open the application, there will be an option to choose the file you want to open. You can use it to view the necessary files like MKV, MOV, JPG, PNG, DOC, and multiple files such as BAT, ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc. If you want a simple app, then you can try this out.

Universal Viewer

This tool will open all formats of files. It has a compact design and a brilliant interface. The installation is straightforward, but the paid setup is available. However, there is a portable version available for free.

Just as the name suggests, files with various extensions such as PNG, JPEG, DOC, PPT, EXE, multimedia files, and text files can be opened without difficulty. If you go for the pro version, you get a PDF plugin to convert images and other documents into PDF format for easy sharing.

Ultra File Opener

The Ultra file opener software is proud of its 500 types of formats it offers for opening files. That means you can open up to 500 different extensions. It is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit windows type. 

It supports various formats of video, audio, image, text, etc. You can open mostly every kind of file, including archive files. Though you can’t open the .ppt or spreadsheet files with this software, it still gives you plenty of tools. You can convert an image, extract the .rar files, and maintain your downloads, plus set your printing specifications. 

File Viewer Lite

This tool is a free alternative for the famous explorer File Viewer Plus. It offers you more than 120 supported file formats to open your files.

You can easily open text, BAT, RAR, PNG, MKV, PPT, DOC, EXE, CAP, spreadsheets, etc. files with this all-rounder application. It also gives an option to get the data of unknown files and export them to any text files. 


WinZip is probably the best software to open the archive files of any kind. It has gained its popularity because of its well-built design and simple interface. The various file formats that it can open are ZIP, RAR, TAR, IMG, GZ, ZIPX, EXE, ISO, TGZ, etc. 

Being a multipurpose and multifunctional software, WinZip is the best file extractor, compressor, encryption, and unzipping tool.  Do try out this fantastic lightweight and handy tool to use it before you pay to unlock more features.

Open Freely

Open Freely is amongst the most useful file viewer. It succeeded in opening almost every file I tried. It’s relatively easy to learn this software. There is no need to install third-party software to use this tool, and it’s completely free. 

Many file viewers couldn’t open PPT files, but this software opened it elegantly. This software supports many complex file formats like ZIP, MP4, PSD, JPG, BMP, and even MKV. You can also use it to edit a complicated file, document, and extract RAR files.


If you don’t want to install an application in your PC, you may go for this online file viewer software. It supports many images and docs formats. You can open the JPEG, PNG, DOC, PSD, PDF, and spreadsheets with this online tool.

Upload the file you want to open in this software and copy-paste the file location address. You can view your file without any additional software. Thus, it is a great and handy tool to open your small documents, especially when you are in a hurry.


So, these are the 7 best tools to open and view most of the files. You can use this software in your daily routine. Know more with the help of TechWhoop.

They support most of the file formats, but if you want to open a much complex file like JSON, and AVRO, you will need professional software. Though, only experts use those types of files, so the above listed are most handy.


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