Tips for Creating a Mailing List and Using Them to Your Advantage

Tips for Creating a Mailing List and Using Them to Your Advantage

Emails have been a trusted source for merchants to build up a loyal consumer base for their brands. As almost everyone using the internet owns a personal email for themselves, using this as a means for sharing information regarding your brand and services can be a great way to effectively reach out to your target audience. Further, since email is personal to every user, adapting to email marketing will also aid you in making your services and products look more approachable and vibrant. Further, if a merchant use platform such as WordPress which is loaded with unique email marketing tool they can easily improvise their traffic and sales.

However, making an effective email marketing strategy and building up your mailing list can be a challenge for merchants. As to do such a task successfully, they need to hire a WordPress developer who can equip them with proper tools to make the best out of their email marketing campaigns. With this article, today we will explore the basic tactics for creating amazing marketing campaigns and tricks to create a mailing list. But before that, let’s take a look into a few stats that would give an idea about the effectiveness of email marketing.

1.The average return for investing $1 on email marketing is $42. This means that email marketing campaigns are an effective source for drawing in traffic.

2.Almost 80% of small businesses consider email marketing as their primary source for drawing consumers and traffic.

3.Nearly 50 percent of consumers prefer opening emails with personalized subject lines. This indicates that personalization plays a major role in making your marketing campaigns successful.

4.Nearly 49 percent of consumers would prefer receiving promotional emails from brands on a monthly or weekly basis.

How to build a mailing list?

Although email marketing campaigns have the potential to increase your site’s traffic and sales. All your effort in them would become fruitless if you don’t have a mailing list to send emails to. So use the tactics mentioned below to create an effective mailing list:

1. Pop-Ups:

Creating a popup to invite your consumers to subscribe to your mailing while they are surfing your website can be an effective way to attract your visitor’s attention and involve them in your mailing list.

2. Invitation to Subscribing To The Homepage:

Creating a call-to-action button on your homepage can also aid you in gaining subscribers. As consumers tend to pay attention to a site’s homepage making them sign up for your mailing list through this can be yet another effective trick to gain subscribers.

3. Collecting Emails During Checkout:

Asking for email while a visitor makes a purchase for the first time will ensure their future interactions with your brand. Including first time buyers in your mailing list and sending them unique offers can be a great way to make the repurchase from your brand.

Top Tips for Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you have a decent list of email subscribers it is time for you to dig deeper into email marketing strategies. Below is a list of few timeless strategies to adapt to for creating awesome email marketing campaigns:

1.Try to make your marketing emails as personalized as possible. This will give your users a sense of personal connection with your brand which might result in higher sales.

2.Keep your marketing emails periodic i.e. to create an effective connection with your subscribing keep sending them weekly emails and newsletters.

3.Create juicy and personalized offers for your subscribers. Doing so can easily make them buy the products from your brand.


Email marketing is an irreplaceable part of running a successful online business. So, use the tips mentioned above to create a mailing list and make profits through your email campaigns with ease.

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