How To Download Apps and Games for Android without Google Play Store

How To Download Apps and Games for Android without Google Play Store

Getting apps and games for fun and entertainment is coming habits of every Android user. But Android users face different angle of issues while downloading applications on Android Os. Issues are unlimited, but on the peak are premium content. Without knowing anything about app or game we have to purchase it if we required it. This is one of the frustrating elements of the Google Play Store. Along with that, some issues are also in my mind which I will discuss below. Here, I am going to share one of the biggest Android app store, which consist all those apps and games which Play Store posses. And along with all offer premium Apks free of cost, which is premium on the alternative store. The application is MobPark, which is become the best alternative of Google Play Store and posse’s different nature of Android apps and games.


Why MobPark is Best:

When we compare MobPark and its alternatives then we find a huge difference. MobPark is open-source 3rd party application which doesn’t any client account to access the content like in Play Store. Without any user account directly fetch apps and games into your device and enjoy benefits.

  • Premium apps and games: On the web getting access to premium apps and games is quite hard because everyone tries to hot their pocket with some penny. That why every 3rd person tries to sale apps and games for some commission. But MobPark is don’t charge any penny for user end and provide content with 100% free guarantee
  • Things to bear in mind before access MobPark:
  • Due to unique strategies, Google Play Store doesn’t offer its downloading source in its official server. However 3rd party will happily share app downloading source in their servers, so you can get its APK file by surfing the internet.
  • Once you download the, you can’t install the app store on your device if the device has some settings disable like 3rd party. The apps which are not listed in Play Store are known with the subject of 3rd party and for installing 3rd party apps, you have to enable some setting. The setting is “unknown source”, if you wanna install any 3rd party app or game then follow the setting.
  • Minimum Android operating system required 4.1 or up. The current version is compatible 4.1or up, however old version is safely compatible with low ended devices.
  • For downloading content from MobPark active internet is mandatory. Moreover, you can use your smartphone data connection or WIFI too.

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