10 Reasons to Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform for Your Next Virtual Event

10 Reasons to Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform for Your Next Virtual Event

The world has turned to virtual events as it can be beneficial to reach audiences across the globe concomitantly & hassle-free. Technology updates every time and discovers new and more valuable platforms for the users. Similarly, in 2022, technology added 3D dimensions in virtual events.

A 3D virtual event is a 3D stage that provides attendees more real-time experience with immersive visual elements and digital content. It maximizes the reach to companies that result in event success.

3D virtual events give you the opportunity to explore and navigate around it with simulated graphic effects. This feature can furnish you with immense advantages. It not only provides event success but also helps to achieve a great hike in conversion and revenue. 

Still, many organizers or exhibitors don’t understand why they should choose the 3D virtual event platform for their next virtual event? What can they get with it? How does it make any difference? Hence, here is the answer to all your questions. Below are the various reasons that you should consider before picking the platform.

Why Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform for Your Next Virtual Event? Know Here

You must be confused about the 3D virtual events. So, here are the 10 reasons that can be helpful for you to choose it for your next virtual event.

3D Virtual Event Provides Remarkable 3D Stage

You can experience a great visual by picking a 3D virtual event platform as it gives a more in-person feel than before. The attendees get comprehensive navigation to explore the event from every room to every auditorium. It includes features like 3D teleportation, a virtual lobby, dynamic banners, animated light at the lobby, GIFs, and many others. These features can be helpful to replicate the in-person virtual event experience for the attendees. In addition, the attractiveness gets your event more attendees and engagement.

3D Virtual Event Helps in Customized Branding

Branding is very crucial in an event. You must share all your products and services with the audience so that they can know your company better. With a 3D virtual event platform, you can turn the attendees into your qualified leads and drive sales. You can lure them with the attractive layout and templated booths, as well as impressive imagery, eye-catching graphics, and videos. Also, one can create a unique brand experience with downloadable brochures and resources for the participants. 

3D Virtual Event Gives Space for Quality Content

Content is a vital part of your event. Basically, your entire event depends on what your speaker says and what you share about your company’s services. With a 3D virtual event platform, you can add speakers in real-time or a pre-recorded video of their lecture to grab the audience’s attention. It keeps the content easily accessible and readable for the attendees. In conclusion, all you need to make sure is to keep all the videos, PDFs, documents, files, or presentations in a simple and understandable language as per the target audience.

3D Virtual Event Provides Customized 3D Booth

A company may have various services and products to share with the attendees. With a 3D virtual event platform, you get multiple booths to do it. Virtual booths can help you get the great attention of your audience in order to pivot in prospect leads. You can completely customize your 3D booth the way you want hassle-free. In consequence, whether it is the brand logo, color, or content, exhibitors can change and customize every chunk of it as per their needs.

3D Virtual Event Supports On-Event Announcements

With a 3D virtual event platform, you can organize multiple sessions in your single event. Consequently, to make every participant attend all their recommended sessions without skipping, you need to create event announcements. You can keep attendees aware of everything going on at your event by sending text or video notifications for the upcoming sessions. Features like push notifications or pop-ups can be effective methods to keep the attendees informed and enhance the platform experience for online visitors.

3D Virtual Event Offers Live Chat, Audio, & Video Features

Interaction and networking can make your event more successful. With a 3D virtual event platform, you can provide attendees, speakers, and exhibitors with all the tools to connect with each other. They can chat in real-time along with an audio or video call to ask queries. In consequence, you can enjoy features like business card exchange, B2B meetings scheduler, virtual networking tables, and various others.

3D Virtual Event Gives E-commerce platform

A dynamic virtual event platform can provide you the option to integrate an e-commerce platform into your virtual event. This feature gives a 3D view of your various products & a better understanding to the audience. Thus, you get on-spot sales & purchases opportunities for your different products. 

3D Virtual Event Supports Gamification

With a 3D virtual event platform, you can add numerous fun elements to your event. Gamifying is one of them. You can add different types of games to your virtual events like a scavenger hunt, temple run, spin the wheel, crosswords, etc. Consequently, such entertainment elements can add more audience engagement to your events.

3D Virtual Event Provides Immersive Interface

You can get a user-friendly, easy use, and customizable interface with a dynamic virtual event platform. It offers various elements and features, like 3D chat rooms, breakout rooms, virtual networking lounges, expo booths & photo booths that can make the event more immersive and interactive. Also, you can add banners and various posters to your event as per your need.

3D Virtual Event Provides Data Analysis

With a dynamic virtual event platform, you can get attendee footprint data, the count of downloadable content, the hotspots of the event, and more. This data will help you analyze the set KPIs of your 3D virtual event. You can use these metrics to measure whether you have met the event and business goals or not.

So, above are the various reasons you should choose a 3D virtual event platform for your next virtual event. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to consider the best for your event.

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