4 Things You Can do to Spend More Time with God

4 Things You Can do to Spend More Time with God

There are times, as humans, that we find spending with God is tiresome. We are too lazy to take the Bible and read the word of God or pray. We would rather waste our time on gadgets or doing other things. However, no matter what we do, deep down inside, we still want to connect with our Creator. And God, too, desires to communicate with us. Figuring out how to do that might not be easy. After all, God is God. He’s mysterious and Greater than all of us. But doing a few things that we know will please him is a great way to get closer to him. For instance, you can read a verse from the Holy Bible daily, sing hymns, or attend Sunday live stream church if you cannot go to the actual church because of COVID, and more.

If you are looking for ways you can follow to spend more time with God, below are some tips you can consider.

Establish a regular place and time to spend one-on-one time with the Creator.

The Bible also says, “there is time for everything.” The same way we find time to finish chores and meet our daily requirements, we should also manage a few minutes or an hour of our time and give it to the Lord. You can check your schedules and establish a perfect time and place to spend with God, and regularly commit to it.

Do not get distracted by things around you.

When you give your time to the Creator, make sure that there is nothing around you that will distract your quality time with Him. You can keep your gadgets aside or turn them off so that you will not be tempted to use them during this period. You can also search for a quiet place or maybe your room and meditate, pray, or sing to the Lord.

Read the word of God daily.

There are so many things to learn from the word of God. One way to spend more time with Him is also to read the Bible and get to know what God wants you to know. Reading the Bible also helps strengthen you spiritually and mentally. If you feel low or experience bad days, you can read the book of Salm and find verses that will help motivate and inspire you in many different ways. For instance, some verses in the Bible can help you become a better person, get you through your worst, and also tells you that there is a Creator who loves you for who you are.

Spend a day worshiping the Almighty.

It is significant to find a day for worshiping the Almighty, considering the great things He Has done. During normal days, you can go to church in Plainfield and attend services, praise and worship, and others. Because of COVID, you can listen to a Sunday live stream church.

If you want to get closer to God, you need to spend more time with Him. So be sure to consider these few tips in this guide, and also attend a Sunday live stream church.

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