How to Choose the Right Architect for Your Custom Home

How to Choose the Right Architect for Your Custom Home

The right architect will bring your custom dream house to life. But the question is, how do you know who the right architect is? You need an architect that can bring your designs to life. Someone who will respect your views even if it’s different from his. According to architects Francis and Errol Kwong, an architect, and his client must have mutual respect and understanding. Only then can they openly communicate about the design and construction of the house. Imaginative and innovative architects Francis and Errol Kwong are well-known for their architectural expertise in Australia. They strictly follow the building safety rules to ensure their projects are safe to live in.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Architect

These are the lists of things you should consider:

What are your Reasons for Constructing a Custom House?

Your house reflects your taste and personality. Ask yourself what building features your house needs to suit your lifestyle. Why do you need a custom house? Do you need large spaces to accommodate your large family? Or do you need special fixtures to make the space safe for kids? Are you the type that hosts visitors frequently and needs a home and building that reflects that? Or you might be the type that loves a quiet space in a quiet environment. All these are important questions you should ask yourself. Make a list of what you want the house to have, the design, and the style. Then check your finances to see if you can afford any of the styles listed down. Afterward, contact various architects like Francis and Errol Kwong who have designed such styles.

Look into the Area of Specialization of the Architect

Architecture is a broad subject that encompasses several aspects of construction and design. All architects like Francis and Errol Kwong are qualified to design a building. But they all have areas they specialize in. They strive to be the best in those areas and have the most experience. 


Some architects have been building healthcare centers and hospitals for so many years. Building such establishments requires following a separate building standard different from a residential home. Even the construction permits for such buildings are not the same. Moreover, some architects would not accept works that are outside their current area of specialization.

So hire a firm that has worked on residential houses and has the experience for the type of design you want.

Choose the right architect

What Type of Services are you Looking for?

Professionals in the fields offer different services, the same for those in the architectural field. You need to contact different architects to know what they have to offer. You can then settle for the one that gives you exactly what you are looking for. Some architects offer only design services. While others like Francis Errol Kwong, Australia provide the total package. These include drawing the design, getting construction permits, landscaping, interior designs, and so on.

Furthermore, look for a firm that specializes in building management, design, and other important things.

The Importance of Selecting a Firm that Offers a Complete Package

Architectural firms that offer more than one service will create cohesive and seamless designs. They don’t need to outsource your work to third parties. This will save the clients the time to verify the professional capability of the third party. Also, the client won’t have to attend numerous meetings with the third party. In addition, communications would be easier since all the jobs would be carried out by one firm, not various building and construction firms.

On the other hand, if what you’re looking for is how to get a construction permit, no problem. Just get an architect who works specifically for this purpose. It is cheaper and faster than doing it yourself. The only downside is that you can customize or revise the designs.

Geographical Factor

Location may be important to some architects. For example, some architects concentrate on designing houses in swampy areas. While some prefer dry lands. Others may concentrate on designing houses in coastal areas. Additionally, some architects may focus on certain states in your country because they’re more familiar with the building laws there. 

Besides, they might have already built a good reputation there which may make things easier for them. So even if they encounter a rough patch, they know how to solve it. Therefore, it is important to find an architectural firm that knows the locality you intend to construct your building.

For Those Who Want to Build in Urban Areas

If you intend to build an eco-friendly house in an urban area, you need an architect who can do it. Ensure the architect states this in his portfolio.

Check out the Architect’s Previous Works

Settling for a custom home means you’ve thought about it very well. Once you’ve settled on a particular architectural firm, ask to see their portfolios. This will give you an idea of previous work done and if they will understand your design. It will also give you an understanding of how they work, and the possible time frame needed to complete the work.


Lastly, an architect’s design is a reflection of the client’s design theme and the architect’s aesthetics. Any misunderstanding can result in fatal consequences and dissatisfaction from the client. According to Francis Errol Kwong, architectural designs are the foundation other construction workers will follow. So hire a good architect to reflect your taste and design.

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