What Are The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year Eve At Home?

What Are The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year Eve At Home?

On New Year Eve, 65% of the population generally prefers going out to parties, social gatherings, cultural and religious meetings, watching fireworks, etc. It is fun and exciting to go out with your friends and families on the last day of the year and have a blast. But there are people who belong to the remaining 35% of the population who like staying at home on this day. 

It’s not mandatory that you have to go out to have fun. You can enjoy the last day of the year at home too if you are not willing to go out. If you are wondering how? Then here are some ideas, you can consider trying. These are ideal for any age group, families, friends, couples, or a combination of all.

5 Best Ways To Celebrate Your New Year Eve At Home

If you don’t have any plans to go out or want to avoid the crowd and cold outside, you can stay at home and do these listed things to make your New Year Eve happening and totally awesome. Make a list of things you accomplished this past year and hang it in your room.

1. Challenge Your Buddies For A Game Night

If you and your group are not planning to stay out in the cold, then grab a few cards or board games. Sit around the fireplace or get cozy in the blanket, and you can play a few rounds until the midnight countdown. To spice up the game, challenge your friends, and the loser has to receive the punishment. You can switch between the games if you have 2-3 options available. Bring a spark of life to your group with some fun challenges for friends. Adventure and celebrations become manifold around pals.

2. Midnight Toast

As the clock strikes twelve, take a bottle of champagne and pop the cork. Hold your glasses up and make a toast to the beginning of the New Year, and good luck. You can use cider or grape juice if you don’t want to have champagne. Cutting off a happy New Year Eve cake is an alternate and most common way to toasting for a new day. 

3. Barbeque Time At New Year Eve

New Year Eve

Setting up a barbeque in the garden is my personal favorite thing to do during this time. You can sit with your family around the Barbie and have an overwhelming heart-to-heart conversation. You can order a Barbie from any online site available in our budget and put in good-quality coal for grilling. There are varieties of foods you can grill on new year like paneer tikka, Soya Chaap, Grilled Chicken, etc.

When you have the griller and ingredients ready, you can grill different types of meats like chicken breasts and legs, lamb, and pork, or you can grill capsicum, potatoes, tomatoes, and paneer if you are a vegetarian. It is one of the best ways to spend time with family, as food is tastier when eaten with loved ones. You can also invite your friends or neighbor to celebrate this New Year Eve in a special way.

4. Dance Party

Hosting a dance party is an exciting way of bidding goodbye to the going year. You can decorate your house lights by covering them with colorful cellophane papers, and balloons. This turns them into disco lights. Get the drinks food and eateries ready at one corner, and now turn on the music and hit the dance floor. Shake your legs on your favorite beats, and go crazy with your gang. There’s a lot for you to do, too like a live countdown, DJ, and Dance floor, You can ask someone to record a few moments so you can look back on it someday in the future. Enjoy a power-packed evening and dance to the beats of the DJ.

5. Movie Marathon

New Year Eve

Watching your favorite movies or TV shows together with your loved ones is unbeatable. Keep a bowl of popcorn and a couple of drinks ready for a cozy and warm time with family, friends, or just the two of you. Set the lighting of your living area to dim and turn on a Christmas or New Year-themed movie as it fits with the season. 

We hope you got what you were looking for to celebrate your New Year Eve at home with your loved ones. You can also organize a treasure hunt for kids or click photos using quirky props for fun memories. Always celebrate your new year or new beginnings in some special ways so that you can make it memorable.


These are a few ideas that can make your home celebration memorable and worthwhile. So, get ready and welcome this New Year with freshness and let go of the things you find are bogging you in one way or the other. Make new resolutions and try to fulfill them so that when you look back at the end of the year, you can see how much you have progressed. You can invite your friends to your home and enjoy new year’s day.

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