7 Topmost Healthy Cakes for Health Conscious People

7 Topmost Healthy Cakes for Health Conscious People

Cakes are enjoyed by nearly everyone. It is hard to find someone who would say no to desserts. Obviously, it is hard to resist the fascination of something as sweet as the cakes. But, when you’re on a healthy diet, you always look for foodstuffs that are not only low in calories but healthy too and do not let you compromise your taste. Health consciousness is the latest fashion these days and the baking industry is coming with really impeccable innovations. Let’s have a look! 

Red Velvet Cake Without Food Coloring

Red Velvet Cakes are a favorite of many and carry a special position in their hearts. But health-conscious people may hesitate to have rich red velvet cake due to the red food dye used to impart the signature deep-red color that portrays this sweet feast. While looking for order cake online in Hyderabad, you will find many bakery shops that use organic colors to get the perfect red velvet color. Going for natural beet juice to attain that rich hue makes your sensory appeal equally complete like the regular Red Velvet cake. Thus, omitting artificial food dyes with a healthful vegetable alternative is definitely a win-win. 

Carrot Cake with Orange & Saffron Cream

Carrot cakes are always a great treat. And a topping made of whipped mascarpone cream accented with orange, saffron, and white chocolate raises the super-moist carrot cake. To make the cake more robust, prefer whole-wheat flour instead of all white flour. Thus healthier carrot cake cuts out the sugar, white flour, and excess butter placing healthier replacements such as orange, whole-wheat flour, and saffron to experience you better health without altering your taste. 

Blueberry Layer Cake

While one talks about a flavorsome cake with healthy options, there is a blueberry layer cake with berries in every phase of cake, from the batter to the filling, and the topping. Matched with whole-grain, gluten-free flour, and creamy cream cheese icing, this cake makes a great pie. One can apply dried nuts like walnuts, almonds, etc. as a garnish. 

Caramel-Apple Cake

You can never go wrong with the blend of apples and caramel. A perfect dessert for the fall and winter! The ingredients include whole-wheat flour with a milder flavor than regular whole-wheat flour plus more fiber content than all-purpose flour, so it is a perfect treat to avoid those extra calories. So, all health freaks can order online cake delivery in Mumbai with the earliest delivery options right to their doorstep. 

Sugar-Free Cakes

Such cakes are always a desirable option under cakes for health-conscious people. Dry cakes also come with sugar-free versions. When we talk about dry cakes, it includes dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, including bread crumbs and flour with a low amount of yeast. To turn it to a flavored cake, maple syrup is highly recommended providing all supplements to keep you fit with fewer calories without modifying the taste. 

German Chocolate Cake

The very popular German Chocolate cake can be turned to a health rich dessert by a little moderation. You need to make a twist by replacing the natural sugar alternative in the actual cake, and soy milk plus coconut milk in the frosting. 

Banana Cake

Naturally sweet banana cake with cream cheese frosting is a perfect cake to serve the sweet tooth of health freaks. It is completely gluten-free and easy to bake. A blend of whole-wheat and cornflour gives this loaf cake a nice crumbly texture, while stevia, bananas, and almond butter confer just the right volume of sweetness. 

Pumpkin Oats Cake

It is another safe dessert for fitness lovers. The vegetable is already a highly favorite among health freaks and sweet-lovers. The cake unites the nutritional strengths of pumpkin with healthy grain oats that contain good amounts of protein and dietary fiber. Whole wheat flour and semolina flour are used instead of regular white flour. It is entirely sugar-free, where jaggery is used in place of grain sugar for the sweetness. 

Opt for these super healthy sweet treats and order cake online Hyderabad without adjusting your cravings! 

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