Best Dabbers on the Market 2019

Best Dabbers on the Market 2019

There are multiple methods that are used to consume marijuana. You can smoke, use tinctures, vaporize it and many other ways. Another method that is gaining popularity in cannabis circles is the use of dabbing. Dabbing is a way of taking cannabis concentrates. A dab is a concentrated kind of weed that is heated, and a user inhales the vaporized oil. The inhalation of the vaporized oil makes the user derive a tremendous experience. Dabbing is made possible by the use of a tool known as a dabber. A dabber is long and pointed, which enables a user to expose the cannabis concentrates to a heated surface. The concentrates include BHO, wax, and others. Made from metals or glass, a dabber enables the cannabis consumer to take dabs with minimal risk. This article offers information on what to consider when buying the best dabber in the market. Additionally, the piece will explore the best dabbers on the market in 2019.

What to consider when purchasing a dabber

There various factors that you should consider when buying dabbers. These include:

  • The kind of concentrate on dab– there are a variety of concentrates in the cannabis market. These include shatters, hashes, butter, and others. You need to choose a dabber that matches the kind of concentrate you intend to be consuming. For instance, in case you want a dabber to break shatter, it’s advisable to use a ballpoint dabber.
  • The kind of dab nail or rig to use-the three types of nails found in the market include ceramic, quartz and titanium. You need to buy a dab nail that matches your dabber type.
  • The size of dab you intend to take-the dabber tools enables you to consume cannabis according to your dosage needs. In this regard, buy a dabber tool that will allow you to meet your dosage requirement.

Dab Rigs

The best Dab Rigs in the market

There are a variety of dabbers in the market. However, those that are highly rated in 2019 include:

  • Puffco Peak-this tool is packed with a variety of features, including customizable settings. It enables you to set the mode you prefer plus extending your session to suit desires. The puffco peak heats up fast, which allows a consumer to have a great experience within no time. The dabber’s charge stays for long to deliver an extensive best experience.
  • Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition-this is an electronic nail which is designed for oils. It’s portable and needs no torch. It features a button that you can push for optimal temperature. The amount of pushes you have on the button for maximum heat levels depends on the type of nail you’re using. In case you’re using a titanium nail, you push the pin 3 times for maximum heat level. On the other hand, with a ceramic nail, you push the button five times for optimal heat levels.
  • Cloud Electro-this tool has some of the best features that allow the delivery of high-quality vapour. The device’s battery is powerful and heats up fast. You can apply it anytime wherever you’re.
  • Dabado Bolt Pro 2-this device is made of high technology which enables the user to control the temperature accordingly. It has many batteries that are charged, and you won’t run out of power.
  • Dr Dabber Switch-when you require high-quality vapour from herbs and oils, this is the device to apply. The nail has various temperature ranges that can be adjusted to suit your needs. It features a powerful battery that lasts for a long time.

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