Best Labs for Accredited DNA Test in Pune at Affordable Prices

Best Labs for Accredited DNA Test in Pune at Affordable Prices

With the advancement in DNA testing technologies and the commercialization of the same, it is now easier than ever, to get a DNA test for various pieces of information. DDC Laboratories India is one of the leading and most trusted providers of accredited DNA test services in Pune, at an affordable price

One can find many private laboratories for the same test, but keeping the quality and the cost in mind before going to the test is something not to compromise with. Also, for a DNA test report to be reliable and accurate, one must choose the right DNA testing laboratory.

What Tests can I get from the DNA Labs in Pune?

There are so many DNA tests to choose from our menu. Based on your requirement, you can go for the following DNA tests for yourself:

  1. Paternity DNA Test – For father and child relationship.
  2. Maternity DNA Test – To confirm the genetic relationship between a child and the alleged mother.
  3. Paternity Trio DNA Test – Paternity DNA test including mother.
  4. Siblingship DNA Test – For confirming if the siblings are genetically related to their parent(s) or not.
  5. Grandparentage DNA Test – For finding out if a child is related to his/her grandparents, or not.
  6. Prenatal Paternity DNA Test- For checking paternity before the child is born.
  7. Child-Swapping DNA test – For identification of the real biological child, swapped in hospitals or maternity centers.
  8. Organ Transplant DNA test – This DNA test is done for confirming the biological relationship between the organ recipient and the living donor before the transplant procedure.
  9. Immigration DNA test – To confirm the genetic relationship between the sponsor of immigration and the applicant. 
  10. DNA Ancestry, Paternal, and Maternal Lineage Tests – To learn about your forefathers and their original ethnicity.
  11. Forensic DNA test – For investigating crimes, like murder, rape, etc.
  12. Cell-line Authentication test – For research and study.
  13. Signature and Document Verification tests – In the case of fraud and forgery.

Any of these tests can be done at DDC Laboratories India at a reasonable DNA Test Price in Pune.

Where can I get a DNA test in Pune?

Anyone who wants a DNA test in Pune for him/her can search for NABL accredited laboratories. NABL or National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories is an organization that is tasked with ensuring quality, standardization, and regulation of DNA testing services.

DDC Laboratories India is one of the best private DNA Labs in Pune, where you can get the test of your choice. DDC Laboratories India is a NABL accredited lab and is known for their industry-standard-compliant and reliable DNA tests in Pune, or any other part of Maharashtra, as well as India. We have more than 400 collection centers all over India and also in many other countries, where you can visit to give your DNA sample for the test.

DNA Test in Pune

Do I have to visit Your Lab for the Test?

DDC laboratories offer you many options for sampling for DNA Tests in Pune. You can visit our office, testing facility, or our local collection center in Pune for a DNA test.

If visiting is not a feasible option for you, you can call our field-agents to give your sample from the convenience of your home, office, etc (T&C Apply). One of our representatives will visit your address at the appointed time and will collect your sample. Many people find it the most convenient way for giving their sample.

Another option includes ordering our Self-or Home-Collection Kitonline from our website and collecting your DNA sample yourself. The process of sample collection is really easy and causes no spillage or littering. The instructions and steps to collect the sample are written on the envelope provided. You can easily collect your own DNA sample, pack it in the tamper-proof envelop provided, and send it to our testing facility for analysis.

Within 4-5 working days, after your sample is received at our testing facility, we send your report via email or on WhatsApp. You can also opt for a physical copy of the test report, which we can send you via a fast courier service.

How can I reach you for a DNA Test in Pune?

To book a DNA test in Pune, or just to get more information about the different tests and the DNA Test Price in Pune, you can visit our website. You can call us anytime, on the phone numbers provided.

Our customer service executives are more than happy to help you with all your queries related to a DNA test or the Cost of a DNA Test in Pune. They will help you choose from the right DNA test that best fulfills your needs, and will also fix a sample-collection appointment for you if needed. If you want your test report urgently, you can request a Same Day Reportfacility from our representative.

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