Right TV Shows can help kids develop Social Skills

Right TV Shows can help kids develop Social Skills

Children constitute more than 1/3 of the world population. And you would be amazed to know that more than half of the world’s population is under 25. Still, when it comes to children, parents are not fine with letting the children watching television. 

It is because of the earlier reputation that TV had on the medieval generation that children would be spoiled if exposed to TV. However, many studies show that exposure to the right TV shows to kids can help develop social skills. Technology advancements have helped in the development of many apps for children that may help in the overall growth of kids. Let’s know more about it in this post. 

Research on children and television 

Nowadays, children spend a sizeable amount of time watching TV programs. Kids get influenced by TV programs. Parents and other caretakers are left with the responsibility of providing the correct training and orientation to them. It also includes a selection of shows that are best for them. You should also know that children are attracted by TV, which is primarily known for glamour. 

Studies reveal that the age and state of the child also makes a difference in cognitive learning and development. It can also be said that what they see during childhood days may inherit in adolescence. Also, children learn from people and the environment that they are provided and interact with as they don’t have any prejudice. 

Thus, if you expose your children to the right shows concerning people, stories, songs and traditions on TV, it means they can either become civilized or uncivilized citizens. TVs do play an important role in shaping how children behave and perceive things later in life. 

Potential of TV to influence children 

You should note that TV has the capacity to generate both negative and positive effects and studies show its influence on society, especially on children and teens. Thus, a parent should ensure that the child sees content helps him/her absorb positive things. Even if they are exposed to something negative, then it is the duty of a parent to correct him/her not to celebrate negativity. They must be provided with training that entertainment on TV can have a positive or negative face. But, they should not be imitating those in real life. 

You are now aware of how TV plays an important role in shaping how a child would shape up in life. If you want to bring home a TV, then you can choose one of the TVs from leading brands in India. There are numerous brands like Lloyd LED TV, Samsung, Sony, Mi, LG, Micromax and other more. Have a look at a few best TV options: 

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Lloyd Clara 43 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

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Buying this Lloyd LEDTV in India will cost you around Rs.32,000.

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