A Blast From The Past: Men’s Shirts From The 1950s To 2020s

A Blast From The Past: Men’s Shirts From The 1950s To 2020s

Fashion trends help us give ideas on how to pick the right pieces for our outfits. And when it comes to Men’s shirts, we usually pick them based on style and comfort.

Men’s shirts, along with every piece of clothing, evolved through time. However, it’s amazing how the trends come back again after some time. The simple and elegant way of dressing up years ago is gradually being introduced again nowadays.

That’s why it’s important to invest in versatile men’s shirts. That way, even if there are new trendy outfits, you can still wear them in your style.

Are you curious about the different trends of men’s shirts? You should check the timeline below to learn more!

1. The Birth of Casual Wear (1950 – 1960)

The 1950s brought the more casual and laid-back to men’s fashion. They left the all-day suit era to the 40s and embraced men’s leisurewear. During the 50s, men no longer wear too formal clothing even at work. Instead, they have other alternatives such as polo shirts, and button-down shirts.

The polo shirts were the best substitute for a business-casual look. They were like, “What’s the need for wearing suits all day if we can wear polo shirts?”. Since then, polo shirts became one of the most popular men’s shirts.

During this decade, the fashion industry also discovered other fabrics for shirts, which made them easier to wash and wear.

2. Conservative No More (1960 – 1970)

In the 60s, suits were transformed into a more casual style. Designs were added to plain suits from before, which gave them a fresher look. Another famous shirt during this time is the collared sportswear.

Button-down shirts were sill famous during this time. However, men wore it with a few buttons undone to expose their chests.

Another discovery during this decade is the rise of floral prints and other funky designs. Aside from shirts, other menswear was printed with floral designs such as trousers, handkerchiefs, and men’s ties.

3. The Disco Fever (1970 – 1980)

Are you ready to party? Well during the 70s, they party all night, and every night.

Aside from the continued popularity of shirts from the 50s and 60s, men also wore velvet and slimmer suits. They’ve adapted the European style of slim suits, which they later on called quasi-European suits. The suit also has slimmer ends and higher armholes.

Men also wore matching pants and shirts made of poly-blend. It’s kind of similar to loungewear since it also has collars. Meanwhile, the button-down shirts became louder with their different prints and designs. Their collars were also oversized and pointy.

4. Keeping up the Bright Colours (1980 – 1990)

A lot of things happened in the 80s even shirt-wise. Sportswear was still popular, and so were sweatshirts. They also have a very comfortable pairing of clothes, but the fit was not the same as in the 70s.

Do you know what else became a hit in the 80s? Denim. The plain and printed shirts were almost always under a denim jacket. Furthermore, there were also velvet shirts with collars that became admired by men.

5. Less is More (1990 – 2000)

Then came the decade when tattoos and body piercings started to be part of clothing— the 90s. It was also the decade when minimalism in fashion started, which was a total contrary of the 70s and 80s.

Again, flannel shirts became one of their favourites, as well as graphic t-shirts. Musicians wore graphic shirts under flannel jackets and a pair of acid-washed jeans.

Although it’s a confusing era for fashion, the 90s gradually found its trend.

6. The Hip-Hop and Emo Phase (2000-2010)

The 2000s came as fast as a hurricane, and it brought a wide range of choices. Since the internet can be found everywhere, it was easier to keep up with the trend. In this decade, there were emos with band shirts and eyeliners, as well as the hip-hop scene where everything’s baggy.

The V-neck sweaters and dress shirts were introduced to older men. Another choice a man could make was wearing multi-layered collars. They said that the more collars you have, the richer you are.


7. Embracing the Basic (2010-2020)

Men’s shirts have undergone a series of changes, and the 2010s’ not an exception. The streetwear and smart casual were merged to create a subtle everyday look. Gone are the days when everything’s chunky and baggy.

Tshirts were also a go-to outfit, and a white V-neck shirt can go a long way. Moreover, people are no longer scared of experimenting with their styles. They can mix-match looks from different decades, and they will still be well-accepted.

Another basis of outfits in this decade is comfort apart from style. You can simply attend events without the fear of being overdressed or underdressed.

8. Minimalism, but Make it Fashionable (2020-2030)

A minimalist wardrobe is pleasing to the eyes, which includes men’s choices of shirts. A simple style can go a long way so having basic shirts is a must. You can have your favourite jacket or a cardigan, and wear it over a plain or patterned shirt.

Re-worked and patchwork designs are also trendy nowadays. You can go from a business meeting to an afternoon drink and a dinner with friends.

Now that you have a glimpse of the trend of men’s shirts since the 50s, don’t hesitate to share with us your favourite decade by leaving a comment below!

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